Monday, 25 October 2010


Well it's happened I've finally entered the world of blogging!

Well I have to say I'm a little peeved today!
I love ebay but today I've had my 1st EVER bad experiance....
I bought this lovely playsuit from this seller and when it arrived the zip was broken so I sent it back.
Then I got a nasty e-mail saying I wouldn't get a refund due to the fact that the tags had been taken off(I must have caught them or something), so I apologised and can understand why I couldn't get a full refund but could the zip be fixed.

Now I thought this was a pretty reasonable response......This is what she sent back to me....

"No to be honest i dont think the zip as broken! i check these things thoroughly before sending and as you can see on the picture the zip is up and is not broken with all the teeth missing how you sent it back. also too long has passed now 21days has passed now since you ordered it and its a bit ridiculous you not coming back to my messgaes after so long so sorry the answer is no. i am happy to send it back to you for £3.99 if you want it back."

Total shock! What has happened to customer service? Being self employed myself I know the importance of customer service and the next few messages I got from her were(From a business point of view)disgusting!
She then went on to say that she thought I'd actually wore this item and broke it! Did I magically expand??? LOL

x Hayley x

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