Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Winter detox a good idea???

A few days ago one of the beauty therapists at the salon convinced me to have a facial for the very first I have to say that I wasn't expecting much but anyway, I went for it.
She recommended the micro dermabrasson facial as I have a few scars from acne that I had as a teenager. This involves using this machine to 'shoot' tiny crystals at the skin and 'sucking' them (and any dirt etc) back up.
Kinda feels like having someone hoover your face lol.

I have to say my skin feels AMAZING!!!!
It gave me the push to start looking after my skin. So I started with my skin care routine(Which is non-existent at the moment lol)
Harriet (The beauty therapist) used Dermalogica products on me which I'd need to rob a bank to buy! But fear not I came across which offer starter packs like these....


For only £16.55!!!! :D

I'd also heard that drinking green tea is great for detoxing the body so about 3 days ago I started.
Now I don't know If any of you guys have been on a detox before but basically you normally end up breaking out in spots and/or having a cold before it gets better as all the crap is coming out of your system.
Guess what I woke up today?
Yip ..... a right nasty cold!!! :(
I'm so tempted to give up but I'm determined not to!

With that In mind I thought a wee spot of retail therapy would be perfect to take my mind off it!
I came across 
This site is FULL of loads of lovely, handmade kawaii goodies to die for! 
Here's two of the things I bought.......



I also bought a Harajuku inspired strawberry clip but I couldn't find a picture after I bought it sorry!
I'll pop a wee review up to let you guys know what the quality etc of these products are when they arrive.

x Hayley x


  1. i love the fairy kei colour palettes, gorgeous items! how was the shipping?

  2. I know they are sooooo cute! Postage wasn't too bad actually but she did have an offer on at the time.