Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What I wore today..



I'm totally in love with Fairy Kei! Although, this isn't full blown Fairy Kei I was actually going to work so I've toned it down.
My accessories are from the kids section at H&M and www.kawaiigoods.com

X Hayley X

Monday, 29 November 2010

Are you a slave to brands???

I've recently been having an ongoing debate over Facebook with a few Lolitas over clothing brands.

Basically, a Facebook retailer has created an online event to find out who would be interested in replica Lolita dresses and this was a comment on the page which caught my eye.....

"I hate these replicas, I think people should stop buying these. I have no idea why i was invited. It's 100% against all i love."

This comment made my blood boil.
Now, what she was referring to was a replica of an Angelic Pretty dress and I LOVE that brand but to be honest I could never afford to buy one.
I have talked online to a lot of Lolitas (this trend has not quite hit the Scottish Highlands) most of which were lovely! However, there seems to be a few suffering from 'brand snobbery'..... almost stating that If you don't buy these brands your not In the 'gang'.

I'd love to know what your thoughts! Are brand names important to you?

X Hayley X

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Aberdeen Shenanaigans!

Hey guys!!
What a fab weekend I've had, hope you guys had fun too!
Although, It didn't start out as promising ......

My sister Katie and I had planned to go through to Aberdeen on Friday so I could treat her to a night out and get her her prom dress! Everything had been booked and I even managed to move my clients so that I could finish a bit earlier on the Friday to make sure that we got the train on time from Inverness.

Friday morning came and I woke up to this......


Now this might not look bad but If there's snow in Inverness It's guaranteed to be rubbish everywhere else! Haha!
So I was panicking that we were not going to make it through and with the hotel and train tickets already paid for it was too late to get a refund!
However, we managed as the trains where running but some of the roads were closed.

Once we got to Aberdeen, my Friend Lisa met us off the train and after checking in etc it was time to get the glad-rags on and hit the town for a girlie night out! :D

Me & Lisa

Lisa, Katie & Me

The gang....although I'm not sure who the girl in the stripy dress is, Haha!

The next morning I took Katie shopping! Where we met a very familiar face......


We got her this beautiful dress which was very vintage looking!!! (I'll post pictures soon it's TO DIE for trust me!)
We also came across this funky Japanese shop called Na-Na. They sell clothes, accessories and also have a Hime nail bar!!!! We didn't have enough time to get our nails done (Is it sad that I'm planing my next trip through just to get my nails done?lol) but we did get matching Kawaii Necklaces......



Cute or what!?!

X Hayley X

Thursday, 25 November 2010

:: SassyNpunk ::

Hey there chickettes!
I wanted to share this AWESOME kawaii accessory shop with you!
SassyNpunk Boutique has it all! From kawaii to the down right wacky! I LOVE it!
Here's a little taste of some of what's on offer......



Fab or what?!!?

The shop owner Leyla is fantastic! Not only does she make these little treasures by hand, she also does custom requests.
The first item I bought, I'd asked Leyla to custom make.......


I got sooooo many people complimenting this necklace! I was in love!
Unfortunately it was stolen on a night out! :(

I'd highly recommend this shop if you want some kick ass accessories at a good price!(Great for Xmas prezies!)
Check out SassyNpunk's Facebook page.....  http://www.facebook.com/sassyNpunkBoutique

X Hayley X

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Hey guys!
I just had to share my latest purchase with you all!
I finally made my first buy from Refuse To Be Usual.......what do you guys think? Kawaii or what!
I love how Gyaru they are!


....I haven't even decided what I'm going to wear to my staff do but I'll work around these because they are so adorable!!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Time for a little 'pick me up' :D

Well I've been feeling a little stressed with business etc so what better way to chill out than some kawaii cat comics!
These are made by Yasmine, check out her blog! http://catversushuman.blogspot.com/



Monday, 15 November 2010

It's been a while!

Hey there guys!
Sorry I know it's been a wee while since I've blogged but I've had flu, all better know though! :)
And I do have quite a wee bit to update! lol

Firstly, I don't know If any of you remember an earlier post I had on the online shop www.kawaiigoods.com ?
Well my order arrived!!!



Sorry about the picture quality but I can assure you they are to die for!!!
The chunky necklace is my favourite! The actual heart is quite big and sooooo Fairy Kei!!!
I'd highly recommend this site to any kawaii fans....If I had the money I would have bought EVERYTHING! The prices are good as well and I actually got 50% shipping discount. If your on Facebook it's well worth becoming a fan of her page as they post offers up all the time!
Happy shopping! :P

So it's coming to the party season...you've got your nails done, found 'THE' dress and killer shoes to match......but what about your hair?
I wanted to share something very special with you guys, the photo's below are of one of my client's (Jenni), she's had long hair all her life and finally got the courage to go for a change......








I love completely changing a persons hair! It's amazing when you see how it boosts their confidence!
So why not go for a change this Christmas? :)

X Hayley X

Monday, 1 November 2010

If only I was minted.......

Back to my earlier post about Hello Kitty's 50th birthday today and Tarina Tarantino springs to mind.

Her jewellery collaboration with Hello Kitty was out of this world!!! If I ever win the lottery I think I'd have to have a buying binge on her site.

Here's 3 of my favourite items.....prepare to drool hehe.

images (1)



I love how wacky and colourful her items are! Shame about the price tag. :(
Check out her website .... http://www.tarinatarantino.com/

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Just a wee Happy Birthday to Hello Kitty, everyone's favourite cute cat!!!! Happy 50th!


Saturday Night Shenanigans!

What a fantastic night I had on Saturday!
I love Halloween, it's the one day of the year that just about everyone makes an effort to get dressed up...and let's be honest, If there's a bit of fancy dress on the cards I'M THERE!lol


This is me and my mate Cara.(She looked sooooo cute as little red riding hood)
I love these contact lenses! I was a bit gutted that my fangs didn't stay in....all I was left with was a thin lining of Fixadent round my mouth. Nice.


Me and my mates John and Susan before we hit the pubs. They were dressed as Dark Angels, we had such a laugh!
I can't wait for next year already!