Sunday, 28 November 2010

Aberdeen Shenanaigans!

Hey guys!!
What a fab weekend I've had, hope you guys had fun too!
Although, It didn't start out as promising ......

My sister Katie and I had planned to go through to Aberdeen on Friday so I could treat her to a night out and get her her prom dress! Everything had been booked and I even managed to move my clients so that I could finish a bit earlier on the Friday to make sure that we got the train on time from Inverness.

Friday morning came and I woke up to this......


Now this might not look bad but If there's snow in Inverness It's guaranteed to be rubbish everywhere else! Haha!
So I was panicking that we were not going to make it through and with the hotel and train tickets already paid for it was too late to get a refund!
However, we managed as the trains where running but some of the roads were closed.

Once we got to Aberdeen, my Friend Lisa met us off the train and after checking in etc it was time to get the glad-rags on and hit the town for a girlie night out! :D

Me & Lisa

Lisa, Katie & Me

The gang....although I'm not sure who the girl in the stripy dress is, Haha!

The next morning I took Katie shopping! Where we met a very familiar face......


We got her this beautiful dress which was very vintage looking!!! (I'll post pictures soon it's TO DIE for trust me!)
We also came across this funky Japanese shop called Na-Na. They sell clothes, accessories and also have a Hime nail bar!!!! We didn't have enough time to get our nails done (Is it sad that I'm planing my next trip through just to get my nails done?lol) but we did get matching Kawaii Necklaces......



Cute or what!?!

X Hayley X

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