Monday, 29 November 2010

Are you a slave to brands???

I've recently been having an ongoing debate over Facebook with a few Lolitas over clothing brands.

Basically, a Facebook retailer has created an online event to find out who would be interested in replica Lolita dresses and this was a comment on the page which caught my eye.....

"I hate these replicas, I think people should stop buying these. I have no idea why i was invited. It's 100% against all i love."

This comment made my blood boil.
Now, what she was referring to was a replica of an Angelic Pretty dress and I LOVE that brand but to be honest I could never afford to buy one.
I have talked online to a lot of Lolitas (this trend has not quite hit the Scottish Highlands) most of which were lovely! However, there seems to be a few suffering from 'brand snobbery'..... almost stating that If you don't buy these brands your not In the 'gang'.

I'd love to know what your thoughts! Are brand names important to you?

X Hayley X


  1. I love replicas. Simply because you can often have it custom made. And i think a lolita with a fitting replica is a way better lolita than a lolita with a too short brand piece. That's just embarrassing. Also it annoys me that the brand dresses are made in such extremely limited numbers. You don't even have the time to consider whether it would work well with your wardrobe, nor do you have time to wait until the next payment before it's already sold out. That's not cool.

    Brand companies need to rethink if they want to reach the mass of people who actually want their stuff. I am definitely ready to pay, but only if it fits me, and only if i can have some time to save up the money. I would NEVER buy anything so expensive on impulse.


  2. Well said Zeruda!
    I think that these brand companies tend to limit their custom due to their price,stock and sizing.
    Thank you for your comment :)