Monday, 1 November 2010

If only I was minted.......

Back to my earlier post about Hello Kitty's 50th birthday today and Tarina Tarantino springs to mind.

Her jewellery collaboration with Hello Kitty was out of this world!!! If I ever win the lottery I think I'd have to have a buying binge on her site.

Here's 3 of my favourite items.....prepare to drool hehe.

images (1)



I love how wacky and colourful her items are! Shame about the price tag. :(
Check out her website ....


  1. Im still drooling over the Tarantino hello kitty tiara *___*

  2. Oh it's lovely ain't it!!!
    I have to say the butterfly necklace is to die for....I just need to win the lottery hehe