Monday, 15 November 2010

It's been a while!

Hey there guys!
Sorry I know it's been a wee while since I've blogged but I've had flu, all better know though! :)
And I do have quite a wee bit to update! lol

Firstly, I don't know If any of you remember an earlier post I had on the online shop ?
Well my order arrived!!!



Sorry about the picture quality but I can assure you they are to die for!!!
The chunky necklace is my favourite! The actual heart is quite big and sooooo Fairy Kei!!!
I'd highly recommend this site to any kawaii fans....If I had the money I would have bought EVERYTHING! The prices are good as well and I actually got 50% shipping discount. If your on Facebook it's well worth becoming a fan of her page as they post offers up all the time!
Happy shopping! :P

So it's coming to the party've got your nails done, found 'THE' dress and killer shoes to match......but what about your hair?
I wanted to share something very special with you guys, the photo's below are of one of my client's (Jenni), she's had long hair all her life and finally got the courage to go for a change......








I love completely changing a persons hair! It's amazing when you see how it boosts their confidence!
So why not go for a change this Christmas? :)

X Hayley X


  1. Ooh I want that Strawberry clip hehe
    Anyway thats a lovely cut, guess Im not yet ready to have another haircut XD
    I had my bangs trimmed the other day and the stylist made it really short X3

  2. I don't know If you have checked out that site but you should treat yourself :D
    Thank you very much!
    When you say the stylist made it really it still nice though? x