Friday, 17 December 2010

:: Crazy Colour Update::

Here's the outcome of the Crazy Colour (Capri Blue) after a few washes......


As you can see it's faded out quite a bit and I've only washed it 3 times.
Now I have to admit I actually prefer it now that it's more of a pastel blue and the fade could be due to the fact that my hair is heavily bleached.
It is very easy to apply yourself at home and I have to say that it still had a very even result (even when it started to fade).
I do like this product but once I have reviewed more I can give a better comparison for you guys.

x Hayley x


  1. I also prefer the pastel blue, it's so pretty and less abrasive. Also this brand is really nice if you don't want your hair to be that color for very long. My boyfriend thinks your hair is pretty. :3 I think he'll be nagging me to do mine soon now. XD

  2. I have to say the pastel blue is STILL in my hair, so If you prefer the pastel blue this colour is great for that. :)
    Thank you very much!You think you'll go for a major overhaul? x

  3. Hmmm, I don't know if I'll do anything to my hair anytime soon, but when I do I think I might die it a reddish brown, with little tufts of blue at the bottom, I saw someone do that once and it looked like feathers. ^-^ It was very pretty.

  4. WOW sounds interesting! :O
    I'd love to see it when you do it :D x