Wednesday, 15 December 2010

:: Crazy Colour ::

How many of you out there get bored with your hair?
Ever felt like going crazy with it?

I LOVE mad hair colours and (like so many times) I get bored with my hair..... tonight was one of those nights! ;)
With so many different brands out there it's difficult to choose which to buy, this has led my to the conclusion that what you guys might appreciate are a few reviews..... I'm going to start with Crazy Colours tonight!
This is my hair at the moment.......


I'm not going to go too wild and do the whole of my head, so I've just sectioned off a small panel at the front under my fringe. I'm going to use Capri Blue.


The instructions are clear enough on the bottle. You just apply to dry, clean hair and leave for 10-15 mins.(I left mine for 20mins just to make sure it had maximum grip on my hair)
I'd recommend using gloves if possible as it my stain!
My hair is currently bleach blonde, if you have darker hair and want as close a colour as you can to the actual colour, it's best to pre-lighten it.
Please DO NOT pre-lighten it yourself!!! Bleach is an unpredictable product as can easily damage your hair beyond repair, I'd advise going to a hairdresser. (Trust me I've had clients who have done this and the only way to fix it is to cut a lot of it off!!)

Here's how the colour turned out! (Sorry about the picture quality, I'll be getting my camera back tomorrow so I'll post another tomorrow.This was taken on my webcam )

IMG0002 IMG0001

The instructions don't say how long the colour will last. I was my hair everyday so I'll see how long and let you guys know.
If you'd like to know more about Crazy Colours and/or want to buy, they are around £4 per bottle. You can order online at their website:

X Hayley X

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