Friday, 17 December 2010

:: Primark Haul!! ::

In these hard financial times, what's the modern fashionista to do??
As much as I love spending the cash I have to say my purse isn't happy!
Thank God for Primark! I took a wee trip today on my lunch break and here's what I went away with......

SDC11341 SDC11343

This cute nautical playsuit was a steal at only £11!!!!

This sheer beige blouse was only £8! I could see this tucked into high-waisted shorts, pearls and brooches for a vintage feel!

These grey floral tights are my fave buy of the day.....only 2 quid!!!

The beauty of Primark for me is (being so cheap) you can allow more money for really wacky, exciting accessories. I have some fab 6% Dokidoki and items that would work fantastically with these pieces!!!

X Hayley X


  1. awesome hauls! can't wait to move to bremen, they ave a primark there :D

  2. Thanks Zeruda! Wow when are you moving? Trust me you will LOVE Primark! x

  3. Those are soo awesome! I love finding great things for good prices :D

  4. The only thing better than awesome clothes is cheap awesome clothes :D