Monday, 6 December 2010


Hey guys!
I thought I'd share another hair transformation that I did.
Now as a hairdresser, I really shouldn't be divulging this as most stylists want you back in their salon every 6 weeks for colour. ;)
This particular colour technique is great If you want to spruce up your current hair colour without so many trips back for maintenance.
Here's Fiona before we started.......




And Fiona after.....




What I did here was bleached up a panel underneath and then used Fudge Cherry Bomb.
The reason this colour is cheaper to maintain is mostly to do with the placement of the panel. As long as its not too close to the hairline (around the face) or too close to the parting, It's actually really difficult to see the regrowth!
I myself had a similar panel in my hair and I could go 2 months without re-colouring it! (See below)
As for that vibrant red, all stylists know that they fade really quicky! So what I've done with Fiona Is briefed her on how to apply the red and as part of the cost I include the rest of the bottle of colour so she can top up at home in between visits!

Me with a similar colour panel but a long hair style. :)

X Hayley X

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