Tuesday, 14 December 2010

:: RTBU Shoe Review ::

Hey guys!
You may have remembered I had  an earlier post regarding my shoe order from eBay shop Refuse To Be Usual... They have arrived!

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They arrived securely packaged and in fantastic condition!
Now personally I'm a 'flats' girl and am on my feet all day(being a hairdresser) so comfort is a MAJOR factor for me.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these shoes are!! Not to mention the beautiful pearl strap, bows on the back and lovely heart with gold flower detail!
They have discreet push buttons underneath for easy on/off and adjustable straps!

I also have to mention how brilliant Nicky was to deal with as a seller!

To check out R.T.B.U click HERE!!! 

X Hayley X


  1. Those are so beautiful! I love the color and the design is so cute. I love Gyaru!♥

  2. I know they are just fab! I would highly recommend getting a pair, they are sooooo comfy!
    I love Gyaru too, I try to add a bit to my normal wardrobe cause it's so cute and girlie! :) ♥

  3. Niiiice!!! These are soo cute! Ive been dying to buy some of RTBU, may have to order some after xmas! :D xx

  4. If there's only one thing you do next year it has to be to buy from RTBU!!! They are awesome :)xx