Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A very KITTY Christmas to all!!!

Hey guys!
I had the BEST Christmas EVER this year!
It was the first time we had it at the flat rather than visiting other people. I have to say I was a bit scared cooking for the three of us(not to mention my sister is a strict vegetarian) but after a wee glass of bubbly (or 5 hehe!)I managed to chill out and just got on with it.....the dinner went down a treat! I was soooo chuffed!

All the presents I got were fantastic! (apart from the HUGE amount of chocolate I got from my mum, I've been trying to tell her for years that I hate the stuff but she never listens lol)

Check out the amount of Hello Kitty stuff I got!!!!


I got that sweet, pink Hello Kitty bag from my little sister, the Hello Kitty hot water bottle and make-up bag from my friend Susan and the mirror and plasters for my secret Santa at work!
I also got some more Hello Kitty from my pal Aeigh but I forgot to take it home with me.(Nothing to do with the bottles of vino we consumed hehe!)
How lucky am I????

Hope you guys had as good a Crimbo as I did!!

X Hayley X


  1. love the pink kitty bag! mine was quiiiite kitty aswell aha

  2. Oh we are sooo lucky aren't we?
    What did you get? x

  3. yes! so happy aha, check my most recent post ^.^

  4. WOW! I just had a look! You are so lucky! x

  5. Aha yeah got super spoilt this year!