Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hime Gyaru/Decora Phone cases

I've recently got a new Blackberry Torch and decided to get some new cases for it.
Now, I've had one that I got in the post and the reason for this post is to review them for you because I bought this one and within 1 day the gems were falling off, the back was starting to peel off and when I used my phone the glue was ripping my hair out!!!.......


Now normally I'd have a rant about this but as soon as I got intouch with the shop (on ebay)they sent me a full refund but until my other cases arrived I used super glue to stick the peeling bits off.

My new ones arrived today........


I'd ordered these off ebay, the pink one is from Yours-Electronic-Supermarket and was only £4.37 with FREE postage! The purple one was from girlbeautyshop2009 and was £7.90, also with FREE postage.
They are soooo cute, hopefully they last!

X Hayley X

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