Monday, 3 January 2011

:: Manic Panic Hair Colour Review ::

It's time for an other hair colour reveiw!!!

This time I've tried out Manic Panic, I decided to go for green as I've never had that colour.
Manic Panic actually have an amazing range of colours and shades to choose from, I decided to go for Enchanted Forest .....


I decided to apply the colour the same way I did for my last review (just a panel through the fringe)'s the outcome.....


Now I have to say I love the colour but If your hair is as light as mine and you intend on just putting a panel through your hair make sure you take extra care when washing it out!!!!

You can't really see it in this picture but the colour actually ran into my blonde a bit.
When rising it off I had shampooed the panel on it's own first and then shampooed the rest, I'd recommend shampooing the panel ON IT'S OWN twice.
If your using this product for a full head application you will be fine.

That said I have to say the colour is fantastic!

Manic Panic colours range £5-7 and comes in quite a large tub so depending on your hair, should last a good while. I ordered mine from BeeUnique. (Which is currently under going some maintenance until the 4th Jan )

The site is easy to navigate round, has pictures of customers who have used their products and the postage was quick and reasonable, I'd definitely use them again!

I will update you with how the colour lasts.

X Hayley X


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