Sunday, 23 January 2011

:: SassyNpunk Delights!!! ::

Hey guys!
I thought I'd share my recent delights from sassyNpunk Boutique!
Firstly, how it arrived..............


How cute is this??? Rather than just 'bung' items into your usual Jiffy bag sassyNpunk's Leyla like's to give your items a little TLC.
Not to mention wrapping your items securely so they don't suffer a bashing in the post......


In my package where one necklace, a necklace charm and a hand mirror.

SDC11358 SDC11359 SDC11360

Now I have to mention that the doughnut mirror feels and SMELLS like a doughnut!!! My boyfriend actually asked me If he could have a 'bite'.(You can imagine how silly he felt after I told him ha ha!)

If you haven't had a chance to check out sassyNpunk's treasure trove of kawaii delights you can find them on their WEBSITE and/or their FACEBOOK

X Hayley X

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