Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Colour Time!

Well I think It's time to touch up my colour as it's starting to fade out a bit!


I'm normally very experimental with my hair colour but I think I'm going to stick with the green just now as I'm growing my hair. I know that seems like a strange reason to stick to one colour but I know I'm going to get really bored of growing but I don't want my hair to be totally knackered from changing the colour all the time!

Got me thinking about the colours I've had, here's a few of my favourites......

156354_1241440453980_1768398552_477968_6396822_n 24851_330625366247_90168461247_3401220_4185063_n 39349_104257276299826_100001466627389_33504_8329376_n 41083_1181088705224_1768398552_374458_8210276_n IMG0000 IMG0001

X Hayley X


  1. Do you dye your own hair?
    Ive alays wanted to dye my hair red
    but Im not sure if it would suit me :/
    and now Im about to enter a culinary school and they dont allow hair colors that are not natural looking ><

  2. Well I get it done at my work but then I touch up the fringe myself at home!
    That's a shame! What about a semi-permanent?
    You wouldn't get a 'bright' red, just a hint and at least it would eventually wash out xx