Monday, 14 February 2011

:: Lord Voldemoggy! ::

This is Charlie, he's living in The Blue Cross adoption centre and is having a bit of a bother being re-homed due to his uncanny resemblance to Lord Voldemort!

Poor Charlie lost his ears and noes due to skin cancer.... I think he's really cute, I'd adopt him but I don't think my kitty would be too happy!!



  1. Awww he looks so sad, I want him!!! Hes so cute, poor kitty :( xx

  2. with all of these hp-fans around the world, i thought it would be the opposite. i mean, who wouldn't want lord volderwutever on his belly, being all cute and cuddley for a change? .. you'd be the MOST evul of ALL evul, having him running around after some silly little toy. DAH POWUR! (*_*) but really, i feel sorry for him and all the animals just like him. it's hard enough getting grown up's a new home, and being different at that.. i hope from the bottom of my heart he finds a good home soon!

  3. I know I just want to take him home but my cat would have a hairy fit haha!

    I would have thought the same,maybe now it's been in the paper he will find a good home :)