Monday, 16 May 2011

Competition time!!!!

How would you like to be in with a chance of winning this kawaii bag?!
This super cute bag is worth £28 and I'm giving it away!!!
All you have to do like my Facebook page (link is below) and put a comment on this post saying why you deserve to win the bag.
As soon as my Facebook page gets 200 fans a winner will be chosen!!!
So suggest my page to your friends!

Link to the bag Kawaii Bag

My Facebook page link Facebook

Good luck!

X Hayley X


  1. Hello. c: First off, your style is amazing! But, I think I deserve to win the bag because I'm a complete kawaii-holic! If I could afford very kawaii or lolita clothing/accesories/etc, I would! But since my family is kind of poor and everything, it's hard to afford some things. But I'd love to have that bag as my own and if I could win it, that'd make me a very happy girl. -^_^-

  2. Thank you Sharon! >^._.^< Very sweet of you!
    Thanks for your entry! I'll be drawing a winner as soon as I reach 200 fans on facebook so get inviting your friends! :D <3

  3. I'm probably not as deserving as a lot of other people that will post onto this, But I would like to take a stab at winning. :3 I've madly in love with the Lolita fashion and I'm taking small steps to convert my wardrobe. >w< Recently, my parents had to find new jobs because of the recession, and a massive pay cut afflicted onto our family. We hardly have enough coming in to bay the bills as is, and I don't have the heart to ask for money we don't have. I'm currently trying my best to find a job since I turned 16 last January, but it's proven quite the challenge. It would be totally awesome if I was chosen. :D

  4. Thanks for your entry Andrea, sorry to hear your having a hard time building your wardrobe!
    The sooner my FB page reaches 200 fans the sooner I will draw a winner so get adding your friends ;) x

  5. Hi I Think I should win The bag because i don't really have a seance of style even if i tried. My Family Is going through tough times so i try to look good with what i have but its not easy. If I won the bag i would feel really happy and that there is hope that i can look good.c: Thanks For My Time.(=^v^=)

  6. Tanks for the comment but I need to know your name etc so I can contact you if you win :)