Monday, 20 June 2011

:: Video Links for Home Beauty ::



Facial Q's and A's

Hope you find these helpful guys!!!

X Hayley X

:: Money saving tips for the skint fashionista ::

Ok, so we all know we have hit the recession with a bang but what is a fashionista to do?
Here's a few tips to help get the most out of the little dosh you have!........

Make your own kawaii jewelery
I love cute, funky jewelery!!! But for the price of a cute, cluttered handmade necklace you could by the Fimo clay, findings and a few cheap chains!
Fimo clay is really easy to use,it's just like plasterscene!
I'm currently waiting for some to come in the post so once I've had a go I'll post up some tutorials etc.

Charity Shop Shopping!
For some reason there still seems to be some snobbery towards buying out of a charity shop but for me, I find it exciting!
You never know what you'll find! I took my younger sister charity shopping; we had a fantastic time, laughed all day and got some great bargins.......what's not to love?!

Cheap haicuts and beauty treatments
We all need our hair done and if you feeling the pinch beauty treatments are usually the first to go! Why not become a training model? Loads of trainee hairdressers find it difficult to find models for them to train on and they charge a fraction of the normal price!
My advice is to make sure you pick a salon with a good reputation as the hairdresser that is observing the trainees will determine their work etc.
Now the same can be said for beauticians but they tend to have their training at a college rather than a salon.
Not sure about going for treatments with a trainee beautician? Why not try to do your treatments at home? I'll be posting some tutorials shortly.

Ok we all want beautiful, clear skin but how do we get it without the price tag?
Unfortunately there's no easy way! Lots of water, exercise and fruit! Really the only thing that costs is the fruit and you only have to exercise 20-30mins a day. Not only will your skin look fab but you'll feel great too!

X Hayley X 

:: Wish list ::

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

:: Recent Hairstyles by me ::

Thinking of changing your hair?
Lacking inspiration?
I've been busy working away in the salon creating some new looks for my clients and here's a few of the best I've chosen.....

Loving all these bright colours but don't want to commit to a full head colour? Why not add a subtle flash of colour? I've went for a pastel pink with my client Donna.

Blog 007

Fancy something a bit on the wild side but can't choose which colour to go for? Why not go for a range of funky, bright colours like my client Caroline has done! I have to warn you though, this look is not for the faint hearted!!!

Blog 020 Blog 019

Now, everyone loves blonde but after a while it can become dry and dull if not looked after properly. Here's before and after pictures of my client Aleigh. We went for a high gloss conditioning red which is bang on trend for this season.......

Blog 021 Blog 022

Hope you guys have found this helpful!
If you've been inspired by this post please get in touch, I'd love to see your pictures and may even post them on here!!! Just click on my 'Contact Me' page.

X Hayley X

:: Rockness!!! ::

I was at Rockness at the weekend! What a fantastic time I had!
For those of you who don't know what Rockness is it's a music festival held every year at Loch Ness which is right on my door step!
If any of you are in the Scottish Highlands in June you MUST go!!!
We only went on the Friday night as I only wanted to see my favorite band Kasabian's a few pictures of my little Nessie adventure......

Blog 009

Blog 011

Blog 012

Blog 013
Sorry about the picture quality, I was a tad tipsy! ;)
Are you going to any good festivals this year?

X Hayley X

Graduation version!!!

So last night I was invited along to my sister's High School graduation!
Firstly, this is a strange concept for me being Scottish and normally this isn't done in Scotland, I know It happens in America but here not so much. My second hang up was what to wear?

My sister had called a few days before and asked If I was going to dress as a 'normal' person, which made me laugh but I thought I'd try seeing as it was her big day..........however, this is kinda hard when you have blue hair!Haha!

Here's the make-up I did......

Blog 014
I went for silvers, greys and blackliner for my eyes in keeping with my dress and nude glossy lips.

Here's the finished look with my hair done......

Blog 016
My dress is from Forever Pretty on Ebay, ring from Primark and of course my Rockness band which I kept on from the weekend as it matches my hair!

We had a fab time I'm so proud of Katie for graduating!!!
Here's a picture of her(left) with her friend Joanne......

Blog 015
I'd done her hair red for Rockness and we had desided on a 'Jessica Rabbit' inspired look for her but we didn't get enough time to do enough backcombing as she finished work late.
She still looks stunning though!

X Hayley X

Well hello there!

Hey guys and girls!
Hope you have all been well!
Sorry for my lack of posts but I have been MEGA busy!! The good news is that although I haven't been able to find time to blog I have been loading up on info and pictures for you guys so I will make it up I promise!

So onto my first blog in nearly a month!!
And what better way to start than with a Harajuku inspired haul?! The best thing about this haul is how insainly cheap it was.........LESS THAN £30!!!! :O

Blog 006
This super cute fruit chain was £7!

Blog 005
How kawaii is this dasiy ring?!!

Blog 004
 This juicy ring is perfect for any Fruits babe!!

Blog 003

At this price I could dabble a bit in Decora!

Blog 002

And my BEST bargin were these two dresses costing £5 EACH!!!! How crazy is that?
Get yourselves down to Primark before I buy it all haha!