Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Graduation version!!!

So last night I was invited along to my sister's High School graduation!
Firstly, this is a strange concept for me being Scottish and normally this isn't done in Scotland, I know It happens in America but here not so much. My second hang up was what to wear?

My sister had called a few days before and asked If I was going to dress as a 'normal' person, which made me laugh but I thought I'd try seeing as it was her big day..........however, this is kinda hard when you have blue hair!Haha!

Here's the make-up I did......

Blog 014
I went for silvers, greys and blackliner for my eyes in keeping with my dress and nude glossy lips.

Here's the finished look with my hair done......

Blog 016
My dress is from Forever Pretty on Ebay, ring from Primark and of course my Rockness band which I kept on from the weekend as it matches my hair!

We had a fab time I'm so proud of Katie for graduating!!!
Here's a picture of her(left) with her friend Joanne......

Blog 015
I'd done her hair red for Rockness and we had desided on a 'Jessica Rabbit' inspired look for her but we didn't get enough time to do enough backcombing as she finished work late.
She still looks stunning though!

X Hayley X

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