Monday, 20 June 2011

:: Money saving tips for the skint fashionista ::

Ok, so we all know we have hit the recession with a bang but what is a fashionista to do?
Here's a few tips to help get the most out of the little dosh you have!........

Make your own kawaii jewelery
I love cute, funky jewelery!!! But for the price of a cute, cluttered handmade necklace you could by the Fimo clay, findings and a few cheap chains!
Fimo clay is really easy to use,it's just like plasterscene!
I'm currently waiting for some to come in the post so once I've had a go I'll post up some tutorials etc.

Charity Shop Shopping!
For some reason there still seems to be some snobbery towards buying out of a charity shop but for me, I find it exciting!
You never know what you'll find! I took my younger sister charity shopping; we had a fantastic time, laughed all day and got some great bargins.......what's not to love?!

Cheap haicuts and beauty treatments
We all need our hair done and if you feeling the pinch beauty treatments are usually the first to go! Why not become a training model? Loads of trainee hairdressers find it difficult to find models for them to train on and they charge a fraction of the normal price!
My advice is to make sure you pick a salon with a good reputation as the hairdresser that is observing the trainees will determine their work etc.
Now the same can be said for beauticians but they tend to have their training at a college rather than a salon.
Not sure about going for treatments with a trainee beautician? Why not try to do your treatments at home? I'll be posting some tutorials shortly.

Ok we all want beautiful, clear skin but how do we get it without the price tag?
Unfortunately there's no easy way! Lots of water, exercise and fruit! Really the only thing that costs is the fruit and you only have to exercise 20-30mins a day. Not only will your skin look fab but you'll feel great too!

X Hayley X 

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