Tuesday, 22 November 2011

:: For sale!! ::

Well my sweets, I've decided to sell some of my sweet lolita and normal clothing!
Everything here has either not been worn or only worn once and fit a UK size 8/10. Selling each for £20 but I am open to offers!

If your interested or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

383946_177499295675724_100002469654526_325800_1284113852_n 392721_177498832342437_100002469654526_325799_1870879227_n 384482_177496405676013_100002469654526_325793_1584402865_n 377158_177495249009462_100002469654526_325788_786774422_n 311847_177498519009135_100002469654526_325798_1062238822_n

Please note the AP items are replicas not the real thing! He he!

X Hayley X

:: Lolita sale! ::

Hey sweeties!
Are any of you into sweet lolita?
If so,add me on facebook...... I'm selling a few pieces which will be sadly missed but I have to come to terms with the fact they were never used and most likely won't be. :(
So If you fancy a look click HERE to go to my facebook.

I hope they go to a good home!!

X Hayley X

:: Cheap DIY face mask to banish blackheads. Yae or nae? ::

Hello popettes!
We all know funds are a bit tight at the moment with Christmas round the corner but with that expensive list of presents to be bought, we tend to forget about all the party invites that will be coming our way!
So over the next few weeks I'll be posting some tried and tested D.I.Y beauty products that won't break the bank!

First up!
The Bicarb blackhead mask!


All you need to do is mix a little water with some bicarbonate of soda into a thick paste and apply to your face! This mask should be used twice a week for best results but I must stress that if you have sensitive skin stay clear of this mask. I have Oily/Normal skin and found that it stung a little and made my skin red(it faded very quickly after rinsing). I have to say though, that after 4 weeks my skin was easier to apply make-up on, felt smoother and although my blackheads hadn't disappeared they didn't look as noticeable!

Considering this mask cost me nothing (already had the bicarb in my cupboard) I'd give this mask the thumbs up! If you have combination skin try using this just on your t-zone!

X Hayley X

:: DIY Nail Art ::

Hello my sweets!
As you may know I LOOOOOOOOOVE getting my nails done but my friend Cara, who normally does them, couldn't fit me in last week. Now, usually this wouldn't be a problem but I had a birthday and a trip to Glasgow at the weekend. WHAT TO DO???!!! :/
I had nail tips left over from my Halloween costume and thought I'd have a try at it myself. My thinking was the worst that could happen is they'd look terrible, I'd take them off and I'd just have to put up with my stumpy, natural ones but here's how they turned out.......


I'm actually really chuffed at the outcome! I did them last Wednesday and they are still on nearly a week later!!!
I really enjoyed doing them too and the best thing is the blue is Barry M nail varnish! No need for expensive gel and a UV lamp!
If you guys would like a tutorial on this please leave a comment and I'll get one compiled and posted up for you guys with a list of things you need! :)

X Hayley X

:: Salon update! ::

Hey sweeties!
Well it's been hard work but my friend has finally got his new salon opened!!! Hurrah!

Here's a few photo's of us working(if you can call it that haha!) to get the place ready!


Katie and our painter Trev!


My mate Dave.....once again hard at work ha ha!


Our brand new custom made sections!!!!


..... and the finished result!!!!
What do you guys think?
If you'd like to check out our Facebook page click HERE!!!

X Hayley X

:: Green tea diet.....results::

You may remember that I started following the green tea diet which involves adding plenty of fresh fruit, green tea and 30mins of exercise a day?
Well If you don't, it's supposed to give you a flatter stomach, so as a girl who just has to look at bread to start bloating i thought I'd give it a go. (For before pictures scroll down to my earlier post.)
Here's how I got on.....


Waist: 26in, Stomach: 32in

I have to say for doing this only 2 weeks I'm amazed at how much more toned my stomach looks! That's a loss of 3in on my waist and 1in on my stomach!
The best part is my skin feels better and i have bags of energy, defo worth a try ladies!!!

However, If you don't like green tea expect a hard time of it. I like green tea but after the second day all I wanted was my usual Tetley!!! So be warned it's not all plain sailing I'm afraid! :(

I'm definitely going to keep this up now that I've got used to drinking so much green tea!

If your going to try this, let me know how you get on! ;)

X Hayley X

Thursday, 3 November 2011

:: Mileena Mortal Kombat ::

Hey there!
If any of you seen my Halloween make-up for Mileena's teeth and want to try it for yourself, here's the tutorial I followed.....

And here's how I looked after....


X Hayley X

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

:: Green tea and fruit .... the way to a flatter tum?? ::

I've been reading a lot that green tea, fresh fruit and a little exercise are the key to a flatter tummy.
It's kind of been annoying me as a lot of these articles make out it's oh so easy and has quick results....so like every girl who'd like a flatter more toned tum, I'm going to give it ago to see if it actually works.
I'm starting in a new salon as of the 15th of this month so as of tomorrow I'm going to put this to the test and let you see the results(if any lol)

I'm a bit of a tea fiend so i know replacing my usual Tetley for green tea isn't going to be easy! Ha ha!

As for exercise, I'm going to walk for 30mins a day.(I try to avoid the gym at all costs lol!)

So let's see what my stomach is like now(WARNING) ;P ....................

Blog Mini Hat 026

Waist: 29inc    Stomach: 33inc

I'll keep you all updated on how I get on! <3

X Hayley X

:: Things I've been up to! ::

Hey guys!
Once again I have been neglecting my blog :'(
Sorry I have been super busy but I thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to.........

Firstly, I had my best friends 24th birthday which was burlequese themed....

303221_1488514750683_1768398552_777693_3509000_n 309842_142984699127184_100002469654526_208160_3133317_n

Then I had another friends hen do......

307578_1518059449282_1768398552_799683_641721729_n 291965_1518138811266_1768398552_799729_1744745788_n 303159_1520529431030_1768398552_801656_1734078310_n

Then the wedding.....

317774_10150440877250993_522820992_10710130_1191400115_n 300238_10150440877535993_522820992_10710133_1109297312_n 299226_10150440878205993_522820992_10710141_844889228_n

And then finally Halloween! I'd been working on my outfit and make-up for a few weeks to get it right....

307218_1569548376473_1768398552_833826_1122340835_n 379863_1569538816234_1768398552_833787_2028743237_n 316948_1569540816284_1768398552_833796_1683758711_n

Undoubtably, a busy few weeks hehe!

X Hayley X

:: Nails to die for!!! ::

I sooooooooo want!!!! :D