Tuesday, 22 November 2011

:: Cheap DIY face mask to banish blackheads. Yae or nae? ::

Hello popettes!
We all know funds are a bit tight at the moment with Christmas round the corner but with that expensive list of presents to be bought, we tend to forget about all the party invites that will be coming our way!
So over the next few weeks I'll be posting some tried and tested D.I.Y beauty products that won't break the bank!

First up!
The Bicarb blackhead mask!


All you need to do is mix a little water with some bicarbonate of soda into a thick paste and apply to your face! This mask should be used twice a week for best results but I must stress that if you have sensitive skin stay clear of this mask. I have Oily/Normal skin and found that it stung a little and made my skin red(it faded very quickly after rinsing). I have to say though, that after 4 weeks my skin was easier to apply make-up on, felt smoother and although my blackheads hadn't disappeared they didn't look as noticeable!

Considering this mask cost me nothing (already had the bicarb in my cupboard) I'd give this mask the thumbs up! If you have combination skin try using this just on your t-zone!

X Hayley X


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  2. Hi Winda! Nice to meet you <3
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    I have a twitter but don't really use it, so send me a link to your face book and I'll happily add you so we can keep in touch <3