Tuesday, 22 November 2011

:: DIY Nail Art ::

Hello my sweets!
As you may know I LOOOOOOOOOVE getting my nails done but my friend Cara, who normally does them, couldn't fit me in last week. Now, usually this wouldn't be a problem but I had a birthday and a trip to Glasgow at the weekend. WHAT TO DO???!!! :/
I had nail tips left over from my Halloween costume and thought I'd have a try at it myself. My thinking was the worst that could happen is they'd look terrible, I'd take them off and I'd just have to put up with my stumpy, natural ones but here's how they turned out.......


I'm actually really chuffed at the outcome! I did them last Wednesday and they are still on nearly a week later!!!
I really enjoyed doing them too and the best thing is the blue is Barry M nail varnish! No need for expensive gel and a UV lamp!
If you guys would like a tutorial on this please leave a comment and I'll get one compiled and posted up for you guys with a list of things you need! :)

X Hayley X

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