Tuesday, 22 November 2011

:: Green tea diet.....results::

You may remember that I started following the green tea diet which involves adding plenty of fresh fruit, green tea and 30mins of exercise a day?
Well If you don't, it's supposed to give you a flatter stomach, so as a girl who just has to look at bread to start bloating i thought I'd give it a go. (For before pictures scroll down to my earlier post.)
Here's how I got on.....


Waist: 26in, Stomach: 32in

I have to say for doing this only 2 weeks I'm amazed at how much more toned my stomach looks! That's a loss of 3in on my waist and 1in on my stomach!
The best part is my skin feels better and i have bags of energy, defo worth a try ladies!!!

However, If you don't like green tea expect a hard time of it. I like green tea but after the second day all I wanted was my usual Tetley!!! So be warned it's not all plain sailing I'm afraid! :(

I'm definitely going to keep this up now that I've got used to drinking so much green tea!

If your going to try this, let me know how you get on! ;)

X Hayley X

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