Wednesday, 2 November 2011

:: Things I've been up to! ::

Hey guys!
Once again I have been neglecting my blog :'(
Sorry I have been super busy but I thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to.........

Firstly, I had my best friends 24th birthday which was burlequese themed....

303221_1488514750683_1768398552_777693_3509000_n 309842_142984699127184_100002469654526_208160_3133317_n

Then I had another friends hen do......

307578_1518059449282_1768398552_799683_641721729_n 291965_1518138811266_1768398552_799729_1744745788_n 303159_1520529431030_1768398552_801656_1734078310_n

Then the wedding.....

317774_10150440877250993_522820992_10710130_1191400115_n 300238_10150440877535993_522820992_10710133_1109297312_n 299226_10150440878205993_522820992_10710141_844889228_n

And then finally Halloween! I'd been working on my outfit and make-up for a few weeks to get it right....

307218_1569548376473_1768398552_833826_1122340835_n 379863_1569538816234_1768398552_833787_2028743237_n 316948_1569540816284_1768398552_833796_1683758711_n

Undoubtably, a busy few weeks hehe!

X Hayley X

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