Wednesday, 28 December 2011

:: Things to come! ::

Hey sweeties!

Hope you all had a good Christmas!!
I've been given a few beauty products for Xmas so I'm going to review them for you guys but to make sure I'm giving a more detailed review for you I'm going to try them out for a week to see if they make any difference!

I'm still waiting for a few items to come in the post before I can post up some D.I.Y tutorials so If I'm not blogging as regularly I'm not being lazy honest! Haha!

In the meantime, I tried out gyaru nails with the gel nail kit Craig got me for Xmas......

388218_1711953816520_1768398552_890265_866819649_n 380796_1711952016475_1768398552_890264_1240016489_n

Still a bit ropey but I imagine the more practise I get the better I'll get!

Have a great New Year!!!

X Hayley X

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

:: Lush Review/My Night Out With Lisa ::

Hey sweeties!!

I was delighted when my friend Lisa got in touch to say she was coming back to Inverness for Christmas!!!
We decided to go for drinks and a catch up!

I decided to try out the bubble bar that I bought from Lush the other day.........

The comforter smells amazing!!
It's supposed to give oodles of lovely bubbles, all you have to do is pop it under running water! The woman in the shop said it would do for up to 5 baths!

IMG-20111219-01067 IMG-20111219-01068 IMG-20111219-01069 IMG-20111219-01072

Look at those bubbles and I only used a tiny bit!!!! :O
It was super relaxing and made my skin feel fab! Perfect for getting ready for a night on the town. If yous get to grab yourself one visit your local lush or click HERE!

Here's a few of our night.......

Highland-20111219-01074 Highland-20111220-01087

We had such a good time!
Lisa is also a fashion blogger, check out her blog Imperfectlyperfectfashion

X Hayley X

Sunday, 18 December 2011

:: Nail Art Haul ::

Well my sweets, as you know I've had a go at doing my own gel nails but to get the GAL look I'm going to need to invest in some serious nail art materials.
What better way to do that than from the comfort for my sofa with a coconut oil hair mask on?
So I hit ebay.........

gah0007p img01 B05B Na480 000446x10

I just know I'm going to have fun trying these out!!!!
They actually weren't expensive either!!

Here's a list of ebay shops were I found the nail art......(Please note I've only just ordered from them so unfortunately I can't provide any review etc)

Fansclub for Beauty
Butterfly Beauty

When I find more I'll post the links up for you guys!

X Hayley X

:: Dolly Wink & Gel Nails ::

Hey peeps!!!
Thought I'd share with you my new arrival!!!


Pretty cute? :)
I'm forever loosing my lashes so now I have a home for them!

On another note I've been naughty........... Craig bought me a gel nail kit for my Xmas and I might have convinced him to let me have a shot before he wrapped it up he he!!!
It's the first time I've done this so I thought I'd keep it simple. I haven't built up a nail art collection so I can't try GAL style nails but that's what I'm going to aim for!
Anyway,here's my first attempt.............

If anyone knows of any online shops that sell 3D nail art please let me know, I've found some but more would be appreciated!

X Hayley X

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

:: Eylure Review ::

Hello my sweets!
As I mentioned in an earlier post yesterday, I'm drawing inspiration from GAL make-up(please note I'm still learning!lol)
Basically, as I'm experimenting with looks and products, I'll be giving you guys the low down on what has worked for me and what hasn't. So firstly, let's try out some lashes.........

IMG-20111213-01019 IMG-20111213-01030 IMG-20111213-01020

I picked these up at my local Boots for about £4.90 (bargain!) and I have to say I was a bit worried about the colour as I've only ever bought black lashes but I really wanted to try the brown shade!

They were really easy to apply as the lash band was really flexible and lightweight unlike some lashes I've bought in the past. The glue was also really straightforward to use and strong, I've had theses on since 7:30am and still going strong! :D

The packaging was ok, not ideal for keeping the lashes shape but if you already have a lash case you should be fine.
As for the colour, I'm definitely warming to the brown!
I'm not sure if I'd chose it over my usual black but I do like it, if you feel like a change but don't want to go mad these are for you!
I do like the style of the lashes as well. Very full and long! Uber glam! I don't think I'd wear these very day but perfect for a night out or special occasion!
Want to know more? Eylure:

What do you guys think of brown lashes instead of black??

X Hayley X

:: We have a winner! ::

Hey guys!
You might remember that a few months ago I had a competition to give away a FREE handbag worth £30?
Click HERE to see the bag

Well I'm pleased to tell you all that the winner is Miss Sharon McCabe from the US!!!


Congrats Sharon! I'll get your bag posted to you at the start of next week <3

X Hayley X

:: Totally Tropical Hair! ::

Hey popettes!
Hair feeling a bit on the dry side?? Fear not Coconut Oil is here to help!!!


You can find coconut oil at most health supply shops(I got mine at Holland & Barrett) the brand I'm using is Tiana, who specialize in fairtrade organic coconut products!

So, how do we use this scrummy stuff to help our lusterless locks?
Grab yourself a bowl(that won't melt) scoop out some for the solid oil pop it in and put it on your heater to melt!
I would say it does take a few minutes to melt but that's the best way I've found to do it as if you put it in the microwave you could heat it to too high a heat causing it to loose it's conditioning properties!!!
Also, don't go mad with it! I put 3 spoon fulls into a bowl and still had plenty left! If your unsure, put 2 spoon fulls in and wait for it to fully melt and if you think you need more you can always add to it.

My hair was dry and pre-wash before applying. It was quite greasy on my hair but then you'd expect that with an oil.I was just going to leave it on for an hour but it's been that long since I've treated my hair that I decided to leave it on over night.

My hair is normally really dry due to bleaching/ styling but when I washed it this morning it felt amazing!!
I found I had less tugs and it was super soft!!!! (I gave my hair two shampoo's just to make sure all the oil was washed out.)

If you'd like to know more about Tiana Products click HERE to go to Tiana's website.

X Hayley X

Monday, 12 December 2011

:: The Shopping Monster Can't Be Tamed ::

Dam you online shopping you vixen!!!!
I just can't seem to stop myself tonight!!!
On the plus side I am adding to my GAL collection, here's what I've ordered so far......

Dolly Wink Eyelash Case(how cute!!!)


Duo Eyelash Glue(apparently one of the best, will review when it arrives)


I'm currently bidding on this STUNNING jacket!!!!!

9022-10 2-1

Good job I've already bought everyones Xmas presents! He he he!

X Hayley X

:: Just for fun ::

153 152 150 149 147 146 145

:: Xmas Haul! ::

Well my sweets, after all those lovely prezzies I've got for my friends and family, I thought it was time to have a small splurge on myself! :D


I lost a few things when I had went for a night out in Glasgow a few weekends ago so had to get a replacement lash curler and Gosh liquid eyeliner. I love this eyeliner as it lasts all day and If you suffer from watery eye syndrome like me (lol) you don't have to worry about looking like a member of Kiss by mid morning! ;p
I love Double Wear foundation! I tried it a few months ago, it's great If you have oily skin as it says put all day but doesn't feel heavy! I normally go for Shell but I decided I need a slightly darker shade so I've chosen Ecru.
The coconut oil is for a D.I.Y beauty treatment but I'll give you more info on that in a later post ;)
Eylure eyelashes are great, really lightweight and not too pricey. (I bought mine at Boots for £4:50)

X Hayley X

:: GAL inspiration ::

I have to say I'm REALLY loving GAL fashion at the moment!!!
The make-up, the clothes and the hair!!! I love it all!
Here's three of my inspirations..........Ashley, Monica Tang and Shiena! (Please note I do not own this picture it was taken from Monica's Facebook)


I'd love to go all out GAL but as a newbie I figured the best place to start is the make up and more importantly.......the lenses!!!! :D
I love circle lenses! I had a pair before but stupidly forgot about them and they dried up :(

Time to order a new set but like most folks in the UK it can be difficult finding a site that's; not too expensive, in English, doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.
Then I came across they have a good selection of lenses at reasonable prices!
Here's the pair I chose .........


They were just under £16 with £3/4 postage which was a bargain compared to some of the other sites I've been on, and you also get a cute lenses case for free!(One style sent at random, link to picture below, sorry my flickr was playing up!)
Lens Case

I only just ordered them last night so when they arrive I'll do a full review on them!

X Hayley X

:: Aspirin face mask.....yae or nae?! ::

Hi sweeties!!!!

Well it's been pretty hectic this end!
As you may know, last Tuesday I had Xmas early as my sisters were heading off to New Zealand
I decided to wear my extensions that I'd coloured to match my hair.......


We had an awesome time but it was a bit emotional as I knew I wouldn't be seeing them for a while! :(
I know they are going to have a great time though! :)

I've also tried out a new D.I.Y face mask!
I'd been reading online about an aspirin face mask that helps to get rid of spots so I gave it a try!
I have to say I had a bit of trouble with the first one I made. The 'recipe' I originally found said to grid up two aspirin tablets, mix with water until it becomes a paste and then apply to your face but I found it really runny even with the smallest drop of water and it didn't form a paste no matter how long I mixed it! So, I had another look and found that a few people had mixed it with honey so I tried that instead and got a better result!

I have to make two points about this face mask before I give you my thoughts on the results.... DO NOT use if you are or think you may be allergic to aspirin! If you are unsure please consult with your doctor first! Also, when buying your aspirin make sure it is non-coated as it's easier to grin and dissolve into the face mask.

Did it work?
When I had the mask on it was lush!!!
The constant smell of honey was amazing and I didn't feel any irritation or harshness like I did with the Bicard mask (See earlier posts).
When I rinsed it off my skin felt really soft and the next day I did notice that my spots had gone down and weren't so red and sore.
I'd defiantly use this mask again! It was cheap to make(30p for the aspirin and I had the honey at home already), not harsh on the skin and did make a difference to my skin!

X Hayley X

Sunday, 4 December 2011

:: A wee update :) ::

Hey peeps!
Hope your all having a fab December so far!
I've got a busy month ahead. Especially as I'm having TWO Christmases (excuse the spelling!lol) as my sisters are going to New Zealand on the 10th. So we are having Xmas dinner next Tuesday before they go and I'm doing the cooking! Let's hope no one ends up with food poisoning ha ha!

Today we went shopping for all the food and drink we needed and I have to admit I wasn't really feeling festive until we got home and it started snowing!!!! YAY!


I just hope that they can get through from Aviemore ok!!!

Besides that, I'm currently typing this with an other D.I.Y face mask on...... I'll post tomorrow with the results!

X Hayley X

Thursday, 1 December 2011

:: Bicarb Tooth Stain Remover ::

Hey lovelies!
I've been hearing that using bicarb on your teeth can help to whiten teeth so as a smoker I thought I'd have a try myself.
Mix a little bicarb with water and (with your toothbrush) lightly brush the mixture over your teeth for a few minutes, rinse out your mouth with water and then brush your teeth as normal.
I have to say I didn't notice a massive difference but here's the results. (WARNING: I didn't actually realize how stained my teeth were until I took these pictures, EEK! )





It definatly has removed a lot of the yellow tinge I had and I think If I stopped smoking and continued with this It might help to get my teeth back to their normal colour.

I must stress: Don't do this more than once a month!!! This is because the bicarb will erode your teeth enamel if used more so pleeeeeease don't go mad with this or your dentists won't be happy!!!!

X Hayley X  

:: Happy December!!! ::

Well popettes, today has been a busy one!
I'm sooooooooo excited that Xmas is only round the corner, so time to get festive! I thought it was about time I put up some decorations. Now, although I love Xmas I always feel that sometimes people go OTT with it so I decided to keep it simple.........



I've done a lot of present wrapping too! Honestly, what a mission...... I HATE wrapping gifts but it's done now so I can relax a bit.

I've also managed to finish off one of my craft projects today.........


It was based on a tutorial that Audrey Kitching done on, here's her version........


It was really fun to do, I can't wait to wear it!
If your going to try something similar all you need is; a man's shirt(got mine from a charity shop for £1), transfer paper(if you want to put a design on) and sequins!

A wee tip: Go to Poundland for your sequins! They have packs like the ones below in lots of different colours that will last you ages!!! I couldn't believe my luck when I came across them and bought 5 different packs! :)


X Hayley X