Monday, 12 December 2011

:: Aspirin face mask.....yae or nae?! ::

Hi sweeties!!!!

Well it's been pretty hectic this end!
As you may know, last Tuesday I had Xmas early as my sisters were heading off to New Zealand
I decided to wear my extensions that I'd coloured to match my hair.......


We had an awesome time but it was a bit emotional as I knew I wouldn't be seeing them for a while! :(
I know they are going to have a great time though! :)

I've also tried out a new D.I.Y face mask!
I'd been reading online about an aspirin face mask that helps to get rid of spots so I gave it a try!
I have to say I had a bit of trouble with the first one I made. The 'recipe' I originally found said to grid up two aspirin tablets, mix with water until it becomes a paste and then apply to your face but I found it really runny even with the smallest drop of water and it didn't form a paste no matter how long I mixed it! So, I had another look and found that a few people had mixed it with honey so I tried that instead and got a better result!

I have to make two points about this face mask before I give you my thoughts on the results.... DO NOT use if you are or think you may be allergic to aspirin! If you are unsure please consult with your doctor first! Also, when buying your aspirin make sure it is non-coated as it's easier to grin and dissolve into the face mask.

Did it work?
When I had the mask on it was lush!!!
The constant smell of honey was amazing and I didn't feel any irritation or harshness like I did with the Bicard mask (See earlier posts).
When I rinsed it off my skin felt really soft and the next day I did notice that my spots had gone down and weren't so red and sore.
I'd defiantly use this mask again! It was cheap to make(30p for the aspirin and I had the honey at home already), not harsh on the skin and did make a difference to my skin!

X Hayley X

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