Thursday, 1 December 2011

:: Bicarb Tooth Stain Remover ::

Hey lovelies!
I've been hearing that using bicarb on your teeth can help to whiten teeth so as a smoker I thought I'd have a try myself.
Mix a little bicarb with water and (with your toothbrush) lightly brush the mixture over your teeth for a few minutes, rinse out your mouth with water and then brush your teeth as normal.
I have to say I didn't notice a massive difference but here's the results. (WARNING: I didn't actually realize how stained my teeth were until I took these pictures, EEK! )





It definatly has removed a lot of the yellow tinge I had and I think If I stopped smoking and continued with this It might help to get my teeth back to their normal colour.

I must stress: Don't do this more than once a month!!! This is because the bicarb will erode your teeth enamel if used more so pleeeeeease don't go mad with this or your dentists won't be happy!!!!

X Hayley X  

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