Tuesday, 13 December 2011

:: Eylure Review ::

Hello my sweets!
As I mentioned in an earlier post yesterday, I'm drawing inspiration from GAL make-up(please note I'm still learning!lol)
Basically, as I'm experimenting with looks and products, I'll be giving you guys the low down on what has worked for me and what hasn't. So firstly, let's try out some lashes.........

IMG-20111213-01019 IMG-20111213-01030 IMG-20111213-01020

I picked these up at my local Boots for about £4.90 (bargain!) and I have to say I was a bit worried about the colour as I've only ever bought black lashes but I really wanted to try the brown shade!

They were really easy to apply as the lash band was really flexible and lightweight unlike some lashes I've bought in the past. The glue was also really straightforward to use and strong, I've had theses on since 7:30am and still going strong! :D

The packaging was ok, not ideal for keeping the lashes shape but if you already have a lash case you should be fine.
As for the colour, I'm definitely warming to the brown!
I'm not sure if I'd chose it over my usual black but I do like it, if you feel like a change but don't want to go mad these are for you!
I do like the style of the lashes as well. Very full and long! Uber glam! I don't think I'd wear these very day but perfect for a night out or special occasion!
Want to know more? Eylure: www.eylure.com

What do you guys think of brown lashes instead of black??

X Hayley X

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