Monday, 12 December 2011

:: GAL inspiration ::

I have to say I'm REALLY loving GAL fashion at the moment!!!
The make-up, the clothes and the hair!!! I love it all!
Here's three of my inspirations..........Ashley, Monica Tang and Shiena! (Please note I do not own this picture it was taken from Monica's Facebook)


I'd love to go all out GAL but as a newbie I figured the best place to start is the make up and more importantly.......the lenses!!!! :D
I love circle lenses! I had a pair before but stupidly forgot about them and they dried up :(

Time to order a new set but like most folks in the UK it can be difficult finding a site that's; not too expensive, in English, doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.
Then I came across they have a good selection of lenses at reasonable prices!
Here's the pair I chose .........


They were just under £16 with £3/4 postage which was a bargain compared to some of the other sites I've been on, and you also get a cute lenses case for free!(One style sent at random, link to picture below, sorry my flickr was playing up!)
Lens Case

I only just ordered them last night so when they arrive I'll do a full review on them!

X Hayley X

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