Wednesday, 21 December 2011

:: Lush Review/My Night Out With Lisa ::

Hey sweeties!!

I was delighted when my friend Lisa got in touch to say she was coming back to Inverness for Christmas!!!
We decided to go for drinks and a catch up!

I decided to try out the bubble bar that I bought from Lush the other day.........

The comforter smells amazing!!
It's supposed to give oodles of lovely bubbles, all you have to do is pop it under running water! The woman in the shop said it would do for up to 5 baths!

IMG-20111219-01067 IMG-20111219-01068 IMG-20111219-01069 IMG-20111219-01072

Look at those bubbles and I only used a tiny bit!!!! :O
It was super relaxing and made my skin feel fab! Perfect for getting ready for a night on the town. If yous get to grab yourself one visit your local lush or click HERE!

Here's a few of our night.......

Highland-20111219-01074 Highland-20111220-01087

We had such a good time!
Lisa is also a fashion blogger, check out her blog Imperfectlyperfectfashion

X Hayley X

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