Wednesday, 28 December 2011

:: Things to come! ::

Hey sweeties!

Hope you all had a good Christmas!!
I've been given a few beauty products for Xmas so I'm going to review them for you guys but to make sure I'm giving a more detailed review for you I'm going to try them out for a week to see if they make any difference!

I'm still waiting for a few items to come in the post before I can post up some D.I.Y tutorials so If I'm not blogging as regularly I'm not being lazy honest! Haha!

In the meantime, I tried out gyaru nails with the gel nail kit Craig got me for Xmas......

388218_1711953816520_1768398552_890265_866819649_n 380796_1711952016475_1768398552_890264_1240016489_n

Still a bit ropey but I imagine the more practise I get the better I'll get!

Have a great New Year!!!

X Hayley X

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