Tuesday, 13 December 2011

:: Totally Tropical Hair! ::

Hey popettes!
Hair feeling a bit on the dry side?? Fear not Coconut Oil is here to help!!!


You can find coconut oil at most health supply shops(I got mine at Holland & Barrett) the brand I'm using is Tiana, who specialize in fairtrade organic coconut products!

So, how do we use this scrummy stuff to help our lusterless locks?
Grab yourself a bowl(that won't melt) scoop out some for the solid oil pop it in and put it on your heater to melt!
I would say it does take a few minutes to melt but that's the best way I've found to do it as if you put it in the microwave you could heat it to too high a heat causing it to loose it's conditioning properties!!!
Also, don't go mad with it! I put 3 spoon fulls into a bowl and still had plenty left! If your unsure, put 2 spoon fulls in and wait for it to fully melt and if you think you need more you can always add to it.

My hair was dry and pre-wash before applying. It was quite greasy on my hair but then you'd expect that with an oil.I was just going to leave it on for an hour but it's been that long since I've treated my hair that I decided to leave it on over night.

My hair is normally really dry due to bleaching/ styling but when I washed it this morning it felt amazing!!
I found I had less tugs and it was super soft!!!! (I gave my hair two shampoo's just to make sure all the oil was washed out.)

If you'd like to know more about Tiana Products click HERE to go to Tiana's website.

X Hayley X

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