Sunday, 12 August 2012

:: Super duper easy hair mask! ::

Hair feeling damaged, lifeless and dull?
Can't afford an expensive hair treatment at a salon?
Well fear not! You can make one in the comfort of your own home with everyday items in your cupboard, the cost? ZERO!

Here's what you'll need..........


Now the measures really depend on your hair length and thickness. For my hair I mixed 4 tablespoons of mayo, 1 egg and a tablespoon of vinegar in a bowl. If your hair is longer and/or thicker use more mayo and another egg.(you don't need more vinegar.)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you get a paste that looks like this........


Then apply! Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you do this. Leave in your for 30mins.
Go on! Put your feet up and chill with a book etc.
For even deeper conditioning pop a towel or shower cap over it.
*P.S.It will smell a bit sour due to the vinegar but trust me it works girlies. ;)*


When rinsing make sure you do it thoroughly and with cold water before you shampoo and condition.(If not the egg will become scrambled in your hair. Not the nicest experience I can assure you!)

................And voila! Super soft, shiny hair!

Will you be trying this mask?

X  Bokusouchi X

Monday, 23 July 2012

:: My Trip Gran Canaria - Part 1 ::

Well folks it's finally happened! After 14 years (yes that's right and not a typo) I went on holiday! *insert crazy happy dance here*
Be prepared for ALOT of pictures! He He!!

It was all a bit spur of the moment as my friend Iona had decided she wanted to visit our friend Lauren who had moved over in March so we had to pay more than normal but I didn't care! >^_^<

So we got the Megabus down Saturday(7th) to Edinburgh and stayed the night with Iona's cousin and his boyfriend. I was a bit nervous as I'd never met them before and all of a sudden I'm spending the night but they were lovely and a great laugh. :)
Speaking of Megabus, I don't know why people moan about them. We had a comfy journey down and talk about cheap! We were only £5.50 each one way! (Tuts at transport snobs.)

We had a VERY early start on the Sunday, 2am my alarm was set for. Strange to be rising at the time considering that's normally about the time I get home from a night out. ;p

We flew with RyanAir......Now, I have heard so many bad reports about RyanAir but to be honest it was OK. Mind you, our seats where at the emergency exits so we had more leg room but the staff were very attentive and we arrived 15mins early as well! Hurrah!

                    Our 'breakfast' on the flight. Why not eh? ;)

Here's a few pictures of our room, we stayed at the Il Rondo Aparthotel. Poor Iona was stressing about it as she had booked everything and thought it was going to be a dive but we both agreed the room was fab.Just goes to show website pictures can be miss leading, they definitely didn't capture how nice the rooms are!

                                                            Our living area

                                    Our bedroom(Iona taking a picture of our balcony!)

                   DSCF0747  Panoramic view from our balcony, wish I had this view everyday! P.S. Not really sure what happened to the balcony ledge when this photo was taken ha ha!


  The two pictures above where taken outside our hotel room door.

                               The front of our hotel.

The Rondo was amazing!
They have a pool bar open till 8.30pm and another at the front of the hotel open later (see the picture above with the blue tables and chairs). They also have a sister hotel across from it with another pool and bar which we had access too with a Grill type restaurant open Sunday - Thursday which we could eat in but we had to book, which wasn't a problem.(Sorry can't remember it's name!)

The staff were super friendly too and up for a laugh which made our stay even better. They were very accommodating and even gave us free drinks! ( As we were all inclusive we had a list of drinks that we could choose from and the rest we had to pay for.)
My only gripe was that all inclusive drinks stopped at 10.30pm which was OK but when your on holiday you want to enjoy yourself a bit longer if you catch my drift! ;)

  Me enjoying my first cocktail while waiting to check in.

Want to check out Il Rondo for yourself? Click HERE to go to their website.

X Bokusouchi X

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

:: It's been a while, I know! ::

Well hello there my sweets!
I know it's been a good while since I last blogged but let me briefly explain...... Craig and I have ended our 5 year relationship and It wasn't my intention to neglect my blog but unfortunately that is how things have gone! Fear not though, I'm back baby! ;P

As you can imagine I have a shit load of stuff to update so expect a lot more posts......I promise!

So where to begin??
Well today the finalists of Destination Fame were announced and unfortunately I didn't make the grade but I'd like to thank all of you who voted for me!
It means a lot that those who did took the time to support me and heck, there's always next year.


Also, you may remember me talking about the hair extension course I did?
Well I did my first set!!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed it and my model Caroline LOVED her new locks! It can be very time consuming but I'm sure you'll agree the results are fantastic! Here's her before and after pictures.....(I'd love to know your thoughts!)



Pretty sweet eh? ;)
Just 4 more to go and then I can go for my diploma! Fingers crossed!!

Besides that.....the new Matrix Pearl collection has just been realised!!! *squeals with excitement*

Those of you that are not aware, Matrix is the colour brand that I use in the salon.....high quality hair colour, with amazing results!
I was extremely excited to try out their products and Pam (one of the Matrix colourists) had come up for a day to show us the results. It was great as she actually used me as a hair model! Check out the fantastic silver shade she gave me.....


I loved it but it didn't really last long. :(
I'm guessing that I'd have to do it every week, similar to when I had blue hair, to keep it fresh. I've ordered some in so I'll keep you updated on how I get on and if I find any tips to keep it longer.

Well guys sorry about the hair heavy post! I will be posting more this week however!

                      X Bokusouchi X

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

:: And the winner is..... ::

Poor Charlie had her work cut of for her trying to decide which one of you should win my giveaway but she managed.........Jeimy Calvo!


Congrats Jeimy! Hoping to hear from you soon as to get your prize sent! <3
Here was Jeimy's comment.....

" I would love so much to win because I don't have much handbags, just some neutral color ones and this one definitely calls for attention! It's beautiful, gorgeous color and the style is so original. And Hello Kitty, I am a die hard fan of her and I have a mini collection and this is absolutely adorable. She's my holy grail. Thank you for this opportunity."

To all of you that entered commiserations but fear not!
Thanks to YOUR support, this giveaway has been a success, so with that in mind I have decided to go bigger and better!!!!
I won't be holding the next giveaway for a few months but I can promise you all it will be a belter! I'm so excited about the main prize and I hope you guys will love it! I've decided to do a few different winners.(^_^)/

Ok,ok that's all I'm saying on the matter!! I don't want to give away too much! :P
Do any of you want to take a guess at what the prize might be?

In other news, I'm turning 25 tomorrow...........seriously, where the hell has the time gone? I still feel like a baby not an adult!!!! O_o


I always remember an hour felt like a lifetime in school, now I blink and a whole bloody days gone by!(Ok major exaggeration but you get the point I'm making.)
It's not that I think I'm old or anything but it kicks off so many questions like:

What have I actually done with my life so far?
I've never travelled, should I get my ass in gear and go somewhere?
What way do I want to go with my career?
Should I be less immature?
Should I buy a tank like I've always wanted too?

....and blah-dee, blah and so forth!

I got talking to a few others girls on this matter and it seems I'm not the only one that feels this way, could this be the dawning of the mid-twenties crisis?? O_o
 One thing I know for sure is I have two options. Wallow I'm my own depressive shit or get a grip and do something about it.
I'm thinking the latter but honestly I think I'll enjoy feeling sorry for myself this week.
Heck, let's get real! We are all human at the end of the day!

                       X Bokusouchi X

:: It's got 2b stylish! ::

Noticed the cheeky wee add on the right beside my Blog Archive???

Well it's just gone up today!
I have to say I'm LOVING their stuff but alas they don't deliver to the UK as yet :( (BOOOO!)
On the plus side you lucky folk in the US can shop away! (Well jealous!)

The site is full of the usual day-to-day clothing items but quite a few I'd consider gal! Here's my top 5.......
      (Seriously, how freaking cute is this?!)
(I could so see this with fishnets/suspender tights and legwarmers!)
(I NEED these in my life! 2b are doing buy 1 and get the 2nd half price!!!)
(Team this with lace shorts, killer heels and fur jacket!)
(This is super cute! I found this in their sale section!!!!)
                         (Here's the back!)

OK so I can't exactly give my honest opinion on this site as I can't actually order! (Sorry to those of you in the UK that will be cursing this post right now, I feel your pain!)
However, you US lot need to check this page out! Affordable and cute, what's not to love?

What are your 2b top 5? Thoughts on mine?

                             X Bokusouchi X

Monday, 9 April 2012

:: Giveaway & Destination Fame ::

Right so I know you guys must be sick to the back teeth of my Destination Fame posts so I'll make this bit quick.  ;)
The online voting has begun and it would be great if you guys could vote for me(if you have already THANK YOOOOOOOOOU!!!) here's the link......... Destination Fame!!!

Shameless plug, I know! ;)

So, for all of you that have entered my awesome giveaway, it's now closed and the winner will be posted here towards the end of the week. Check back for updates!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this earlier but to make the competition fair I won't be choosing the winner. I've enlisted the help of my sister Charlie so she will be reading through all your entries this week. ;)

In other news, It's my birthday on Wednesday! WOOHOO!!
My sister Charlie had been trying to organise a surprise party for the people that can't make my Aberdeen trip but I had my staff night out so she had to tell me about it. (How sweet right?!)

So here's all the Time crew out hitting Inverness.......

 (I was laughing for ages at Steven in this photo...he looks like he's totally bombing the picture!LOL!)


We scrub up well don't we? (^_^)/

So after dinner I stayed for one drink and then headed up to Charlie's flat. She had put up banners and balloons, it was SOOOOOO cute! No one has ever organised something like this for me before!

                              (Me and Charlie)

(Totally loving my new silver skinnys! Only £24 from H&M)

(The guys after a few strong ones! Yes the guy on that card is nearly naked haha!)

I had an amazing night!!!
Roll on Saturday for my birthday part 2! But what to wear???! Lol, FML! ;)

Have you ever had a surprise party organised for you?

                    X Bokusouchi X

Friday, 6 April 2012

:: I need your votes!!! ::

Hey my lovelies!!!

It's time for me to be mega cheeky!
As you all know I've been working on my entry for a hairdressing competition called Destination Fame and finally the online voting has opened!!!! *squeals with excitement*

I know it's bad to ask but it would make my day if you guys would vote for me. Those with the most votes automatically go through to the finalist stages and I'd LOVE to be there!!
The finalist night is a swanky do (usually in London) where they choose the 3 winners and if I get through I will share that night with you guys of course! ;)

Voting only takes a few seconds and if you'd like you help, click the link below and it will take you straight to my entry.
Come on! Make a wee Scottish girls year! You know you want too! ;)

Destination Fame

                         X Bokusouchi X

P.S. Remember that my giveaway closes soon! You only have two days left to enter!!! Click below for details!

My Giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

:: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Review ::

Tried this out yet?

       (Sorry about the shite picture quality, was using the webcam!)

This is Rimmel's 1000 kisses lip tint!
I saw it whilst shopping, I'm not really a lover of lip tints/lipsticks but the balm got my attention.
So what's the deal with it anyway I hear you ask?

Basically, the colour 'stains' your lips for a few hours while the balm keeps them nice and moisturised. It comes in 6 shades. (Better picture below, showing 5 of get the idea though.)


I chose Endless Blossom, which is like a pinkie colour.

I wanted to test the staying power of the stain, so although Rimmel don't state how long it will last like other products on the market I thought a day at work without reapplying the stain would be a good indicator. (I did reapply the balm though, like I said my lips get quite dry.)

Here's me applying at 8:30am....


.....and here's how I looked when I got home. (Excuse the spots!)


So you can see it faded quite a bit.
That being said, for most of the day the girls at work kept commenting on my lip colour and it was still going strong at midday! I think you'd only have to reapply 2-3 times a day at most to keep the colour strong.
The best part was my lips felt hydrated and no matter how many times I put the balm on, I barely saw any of the colour coming off!
The one thing I forgot to mention: Once you put the tint on leave it a few seconds to dry before applying the balm, you get more staying power that way!


I have to admit I love this product! It's lightweight, moisturising and comes in super cute colours.....I want them all!! At £6.99 who could say no?
I definite 4 kisses out of 5!  ;)

Want to know more? To go to the Rimmel site click HERE!

Have you tried it yet? Thoughts?

                    X Bokusouchi X

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

:: Gyaru Tag ::

Hello all!

I made my first video today!
I don't know If any of you have heard of a gal named Chaudie from the US but she has started a gyaru tag on youtube so I thought I'd join in!

                               (Me just before making the video!)

I was pretty dam nervous to say the least but I thought it would be fun and a great way to meet other gals!
Thinking of having a go yourself? It's really easy!
Just upload a video with the answers to the questions (below) and put it as a response video to Chaudie's gyaru tag video! (I'll put links below too.)


1. What's your name/nickname?
2. Do you have a blog?
3. What does Gyaru mean to you?
4. What do you like best about Gyaru?
5. What do you dislike about Gyaru?
6. How do the people (family, friends, neighbours, etc) respond to your look?
7. Which Gyaru magazine is your favourite?
8. Who is your favourite Gyaru model or Shop Staff?
9. Which Gyaru blogs do you like to read?
10. How long do you see yourself being Gal?

If your still a bit unsure here's my video to give you an idea(my voice sounds so funny when I hear it back!lol!)

It wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be! ;)
If you are going to take part comment with your video link, I'd love to see them!

Here's a little preview of the next review I'm doing!
Have you tried 1000 kisses by Rimmel yet? I'll be putting it's lasting abilities to the test tomorrow at work but I wanted to try it out anyway! I'm so impatient!


The colour isn't that different from my natural, just a bit brighter!

Here's the link for Chaudie's video: HERE

Will you be uploading a video?

                        X Bokusouchi X

Monday, 2 April 2012

:: Oily skin life saver!!! ::

If, like me you have incredibly oily skin, you'll know the daily torment of finding products that actually last.
Before I started my search for the perfect products (and believe me I've tested shit loads!) I'd walk out the door feeling great and by midday my make-up was half way down my face and neck!

If you haven't seen my review on the best foundation for oily skin click HERE, it's a little expensive but trust me it's the best I've found!

So onto face powder..... again, I've been through a ton of them and was close to giving up! That was until I came across this little beauty.....


This is a MUST have for all you oily skinned girlies out there!!! I've used this for a month or so now and can't believe the difference in my skin, don't get me wrong, I still look a little dewy but that's towards the END of the day!!!

It's a loose setting powder with added anti-perspirant(which must be the key to this success of this product on my skin) which is actually used as stage make-up!

              (Me wearing Mehron setting powder in Neutral)

Their powder comes in two different shades, white and neutral. If your in doubt, get neutral. I have to warn you when you dab this on your skin it WILL go white but don't panic! Once it's settled (in a few seconds) it does go to the colour of your skin. ;)

My only complaint about this product is the P+P to the UK, I just felt it was ridiculous from their website! So I found mine on ebay from a reputable seller. (Sorry I've searched for the link but I can't find it on my ebay)

If you'd like to know more about Mehron and their products click HERE and if you'd like to do directly to the setting powder click HERE

Have any of you tried this setting powder? Thoughts?

                      X Bokusouchi X

Sunday, 1 April 2012

:: If you don't have anything nice to say......::

I'm on a roll with these long posts as of late!

As you know I've been working on my Destination Fame entry and I'm kinda glad the first part is over, it's the most stressful bit to be honest.
Finally I can relax a bit until the voting starts........ that was until some bitch decided to have a go at my work! Remember this picture?....


If not, this is a picture I took of Suzanne behind the scenes before she had her professional shots taken. This picture was uploaded to the salon's Facebook page (Time Salon).
Next thing I know, the comments start coming. Most of them were very positive and then one woman starts her crap.......


An unfortunate relative of Jedward? Seriously WTF???????
Now I understand that not everyone is going to like my work, heck I don't like a lot of stylists work but do you see me saying that to them?! How fucking rude!

Had this not been the salons page I would have went mental!
I was thinking of deleting the comments from this obviously perfect person but decided against it. I'm hoping that she realises how stupid she has come across.
I think the worst of it was poor Suzanne was raging(as you can see in her comments), she did a fantastic job, perfect for the look I was trying to achieve and didn't deserve this shit.
On a lighter note, the last comment had me in stitches! Ha, ha!

I chose my final picture for the competition by the way!

Time 8

What do you guys think? :)

I sent away my entry a few days ago! EEK!
The next stage of the competition is the online voting. There are 12 finalist chosen but the online voting helps push some of the entries through which I'd LOVE! So If you'd like to vote for me I'll post in a few days with details, it would make my year if you guys could! :)

On a completely differently different topic: look how freaking long my hair is getting!!!


It's getting to that really awkward in between stage, it keeps flicking and feels a bit lank but I'm still baring with it. :)
I'm going to get extensions at some point in the next few weeks, purely to give me a boost.
I'm sure if any of you have grown your hair from a really short style you'll understand where I'm coming from!
I was looking at old pictures of myself the other day and was sooooooooo tempted to cut it all off and colour it blue again (picture below)so I think I'm going to have a few different coloured extensions put in to funk it up again!
I also think it's important for my work. How can I tell my clients how to look after their extensions when I don't have on hand experience myself?


                      X Bokusouchi X

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

:: My nose, photo shoot and smoking ::

In a bit of a crap mood if I'm honest guys!
I've been trying to quit smoking for about a month now and I keep fucking up so I've decided it's time to seek professional help.

I've been on and off smoking for about 5-6 years and I hate it!!!!
You might ask why I actually started in the first place? Well, like a lot of people I know, I was a social smoker at first........ I can't actually remember the first cigarette that I had but I was partying, as you can imagine I was pretty dam hammered and like a total idiot would have been offered one and took it.
It amazes me how quickly I became a full time smoker and at the time I couldn't have cared about the effect it has on your health nor your teeth etc if I'm completely honest.

So, what has given me the kick up the arse to get it sorted? My nose.
Ok so your probably thinking WTF but let me explain.......... I've always had problems breathing ever since I can remember, I went to the doctors when I was quite a bit younger(this was waaaaaaaaay before I started smoking btw) only to be told I had allergies.
Ever had that gut feeling that you know what's wrong? I did but didn't question my doctor, heck I was only like 13 at the time, you trust your doctor!

It's been nearly 12 years since that appointment and if anything my breathing has got worse, no doubt smoking has contributed to this but I had the same gut feeling as I did all those years ago.....the shape was the problem!
Surely it wasn't a coincidence that both my mum and my gran(who I've inherited my misshapen hooter from) had/have the same problem as me? I think not!!!!
Although I've hated the shape of my nose for what feels like forever, I've always laughed it off and poked fun at it before anyone else could!
I always remember my first day of high school, one of the guys asked me how I'd broken my nose. Awkward.
I did feel bad for him when I had to explain that that was just my nose!!!!! O_o

Anyway, getting back to the doctors..............
I knew I had to be strong and put forward the idea that it COULD be the shape that was the problem. Guess who was right the whole bloody time! Yup, I've got a deviated septum!
For those of you that aren't familiar with the term, basically it's when your nose is crooked thus obstructing your breathing. Only way to sort it? Nose job!
Now I've never actually had any kind of surgery before but my doctor has a condition before she'll recomend me to a specialist. Stop smoking.
You know what, fair play! Why should they fix my nose when they can't be 100% sure that it isn't the smoking that's causing it? I know I've had it all my life but the amount of people that lie to get cosmetic surgery on the NHS is crazy, how do they know I'm not lying?
I'm determined to prove that it isn't the smoking so I'll go along with it. Who knows? They might give me the nose I've dreamt of! ;)

In other news I'm having a mission of a time trying to pick my ONE picture for Destination Fame, I've managed to get it down to the two below. Please bare in mind these pictures have not gone to editing yet!!!



Is soooooooooooooooooo difficult!!!  (>_<)
I love both images but how to you choose?
I'm kinda swaying towards the first but I'm not sure if the judges will approve of her tattoo?
The weird thing is I think the tattoo adds a little edge to the picture, what do you guys think?

             X Bokusouchi X

Monday, 26 March 2012

:: Destination Fame 2012 ::

Happy Monday ya'll!!!!

I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I've been working on my Destination Fame entry for this year. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's a competition set up by Matrix professional (the brand of colour I use in the salon) and is opened up for entry each year to all stylists using Matrix products.
It used to be the case that you had to submit just a head shot, a lifestyle shot of your look and a small description of why you feel this is on trend for that year. As of last year they have changed it to before and after shots which I think is WAAAAAAAY better!
It means that you can show off your abilities much better. :)

So I've been working on this years entry for about a month now and really wanted to push out the boat!
Changing red to blonde...... risky I know but I didn't want to play it safe. I'm really lucky as my friend Suzanne is always up for anything!!! Here's how she looked before......

(She looks knackard here!She's a support worker and had come from a sleep over....what a legend eh?)

We had to bleach the colour out which I knew was going to be difficult but like I said Suzanne wasn't bothered with how it turned out.
She's actually got really strong hair so we got away with bleaching it twice without there being any damage! Her hair was still really warm though so I toned it with a warm blonde and booked her back in for a months time to get it redone.
I wanted to give her hair a rest before we tried again, here's how it looked when she left.....


Still a lot of warmth as you can see but it helped that I cut a shit load of it off. A month later I got her back in to re-bleach her hair and redo the cut.......

             (LOL Dave and Lisa look so serious in the background!!)

 I was mega chuffed at how blonde we got it! It was still a tad warm so I toned it with a violet toner and sent her way with some violet shampoo.(Helps to clean out any yellow tones in the hair)

And so to the day of the shoot!!!
I was nervous as hell!!! 
You never know how your work is going to look until you see the pictures, I have actually done shoots in the past that I thought had gone fine, got the pictures back and fucking hated them! It's so frustrating when that happens but I was prepared! ;)
I'd taken my laptop so we could upload the pictures throughout the shoot and see if there was anything me and Dave weren't happy was super helpful!


(Suzanne having her make-up done by the wonderful Adele! How awesome is her tattoo by the way?)

(Me working on Suzanne's hair....notice that product she has in her hands??? I'll be posting about that soon.)


              (Suzanne waiting to get in front of the camera!)

The shoot couldn't have gone better! My only problem is deciding what picture to choose, I have the rare luxury of actually liking them all and loving quite a few! ARRRRGGGG! I've never been so mad at something so great hahahahaha! ;)

Everyone that we worked with was fantastic! 
Adele was great at giving us suggestions on the make-up that we wouldn't have thought of originally and was a pleasure to work with. 
Allan(the photographer) was great too, very open to suggestions and a perfectionist! I've found, in the past, some photographers VERY difficult to work with but Allan was great!
Dave's model Willam was a great laugh and his pictures look great too, he was really natural in front of the camera as was Suzanne.

Dave and I are going to have our work cut out for us for sure! o_O

What happens next you might be wondering?
Once we have chosen our pictures, we then send them to Matrix along with our description. 
Matrix then post our work on their website and open up an online vote. I believe that the 2 or 3 entries that get the most votes are automatically through to the finalist stage so I might have to be cheeky and ask you guys to vote which would be a great support! <3 ;)

Well I better get to it, those photos aren't going to choose themselves are they? Lol!

What did you think of Suzanne's transformation?

                       X Bokusouchi X