Tuesday, 24 January 2012

:: I'm still alive, promise! ::

Hello my sweets!

I know I have neglected you all but It has been crazy this past week.
I have so much to post soon but the posts aren't quite finished due to a few different reasons. You might remember me talking about the detoxing foot pads, anti-perspirent face powder etc .....I haven't forgotten just my camera has been playing up so lack of photos.

Fear not, my wee buddy Is on the mend at the 3 store so hopefully I can get those posts finished by the end of the week, HURRAH!

I am putting the feet detoxing pads through their paces as we speak.....after the crazy weekend I had I could use a detox. ;)

That's all for now(thought I better check in), I'll be back (hopefully)by the end of the week!

X Hayley X

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

:: Gyaru Foxtail ::

I'm in love with foxtails, it's official!!!!
I just don't think there is a cuter gyaru accessory..............

index1 image images index

If(like me) your an animal lover fear not there are fake versions that are cheaper and look just as good. I did have a wee bit of a nightmare finding fake ones and was quite upset by the sheer amount of real foxtails online.
I did however manage to find one!
Now, I know what you'll be thinking if you've read my earlier posts.......thought she was calming down on the shopping???
I actually bought this weeks ago from an ebay seller in China, so I have stuck to my word. (The best bit about ordering from Asian sellers is you forget you bought items, then weeks later it's a great surprise!)
With it being my first foxtail I thought I'd go for simple black and white so it will match everything.........


I don't have any co-ord pictures with it yet as I'm still waiting for more clothes etc that I ordered to arrive.(Yeh, I went pretty mental with the old shopping at Xmas!)
You won't believe this but this only cost 0.99 and £3.99 shipping!Bargain! :D

I suppose after this post you may be wondering what my thoughts on the whole fur subject is? Well it's a complicated view! I'm sure most of you will call me a hypocrite but  the only fur I'd be prepared to buy is vintage. Hear me out............ with vintage fur an animals life has been taken but that was when people didn't know any better, I don't agree with this carrying on in modern times, therefore I wouldn't buy items that had been recently commissioned.
Take from that what you will.

What's your view on fur?

X Hayley X

Monday, 16 January 2012

:: Oh how I love cats! ::

A wee bit of cat banter to brighten your day!
Call me simple but I find these hilarious! Enjoy! <3

401601_239276532813063_126894987384552_555080_1347960388_n 384444_239276456146404_126894987384552_555078_859798770_n funny-pictures-cat-threatens-your-laser-pointer cat-punches 0197 funny-pictures-of-cats-dot-info-040

X Hayley X

:: Product Review=Face Soap and Clarity ::

URGH! Once again I'm starting to loose faith in Soap & Glory! :(
The latest product I've be reviewing of there's is their Face Soap Cleanser...... here's what they say:


"A high-tech, gentle non-drying foaming facial wash, formulated with complexion-friendly, easy-rinse surfactants and special SUPERFRUIT™ PLUM skin brightening complex." 

After using this product for a week my skin felt tight and broke out in spots! I thought it might have been just me but I bumped into a friend a few days ago. It was such a shame her forehead was covered with huge, sore looking spots. :(
When we got round to it she mentioned that it was this exact product she had used! I hope her skin calms down, poor girl!

Don't get me wrong this product smells beautiful and feels nice to use but the outcome isn't worth it at all.
I actually went to read the reviews for this product on Soap & Glory's website and although the majority of the reviews were good I came across one were this poor woman had red blotches on her face 3 days after!
I'd be very weary of this product peeps!!!

X Hayley X

:: Hair Extensions Feeling Knackard? ::

Clip in extensions are a fab and cheap way to long locks but when was the last time you gave yours a bit of T.L.C?
Real human hair extensions go through a major chemical process before popping up in your local hairdressing supply shop; not to mention the styling we put them through daily, so why not give them a coconut treatment to help them back to life! :D

It's really simple and cheap, all you need is a plastic bowl(that won't melt and has a lid) and some coconut oil(you can pick this up in most health food shops)

Blog 026

Put a good amount of coconut oil into your bowl(this will vary depending on how many extensions you use and how dry they are)

Blog 027

Next pop the bowl onto a heater to melt for about 5-10mins......

Blog 028

Until it looks like this.....

Blog 029

Next pop in your hair extensions, push them down and roll them around in the oil until they feel coated. (Tip: My sure the clips are closed, it will help them stop them catching so much)

Blog 030 Blog 031

Next take them out and using a wide toothed comb carefully comb from ends to the top to make sure the oil is soaking the whole way through. Then put them back into the tub, cover and leave them over night in a warm place....

Blog 032 Blog 034

When you take them out the next day don't worry If they are hard as some of the coconut oil may have hardened again.
Now to wash them! I can't stress enough how important it is to really wash them thoroughly! I shampooed mine 4 times to make sure all the excess oil was gone. Then condition as normal and dry, and there you have it! Nice, soft extensions!
You can also also use the oil in your own hair, click HERE to see my tutorial.

X Hayley X

:: Time for a purse detox ::

Well it's that time of year again when we are all up to our eyeballs in debt and/or skint, which isn't great if (like me)your a bit of a shopping addict. >_<

So today I'm getting my head out of the sand and facing up to it! Not the best experience of the year but I've decided I have to take control and sort out the situation instead of ignoring it as I always do until it's too late!
I'm sharing this with you all as I know I'm by no means the only one, and I think there isn't a lot of practical help out there. So what's my plan of action?


Step 1) Start saying no: We are all guilty of it! The invites for nights out, party's, holidays etc keep rolling in and before you've even thought about it you've said yes. I'm REALLY bad for this, in fact I said after New Year I was going to have a break......I've already been on 3 nights out and why? I instantly said yes without thinking and I wonder why I'm skint!lol I'm not saying say no to everything but at least have a think about it first, people aren't going to mind if you ask if you can get back to them....well if they are real mates they won't. (^_~)
Another option is going to their house with a bottle of vino for a catch up, much cheaper than heading into town!

Step 2) Ebay: Now, I know this is a hard one as I've just sold a whole bunch of my clothes on ebay and call me shallow If you wish but I found It heartbreaking! However, I took a step back as I ended up buying things with the money in my paypal *faceplam*  >_<
So hopefully I'll be more successful with the next lot I sell!Lol!

Step 3) Take the bus: I'm TERRIBLE for taking taxis to and from work when there's really no need, there's a perfectly good bus service......no excuse! So if like me yo take taxis just for the sake of and extra 30mins in bed, time to set your alarm earlier.

Step 4) Taking lunch to work: I can spend about a fiver at lunch time each day! With that I could get a loaf, ham and some nice salad(just as an example) and have that for most of the week!To be honest I love cooking so making a bit extra at night to take in the next day shouldn't be a problem. (^_^)/

Step 5) Sell something your good at: I used to make brooches and sell them online but out of sheer laziness I haven't done it in ages! I still have all the materials so it won't cost a thing to do, I'm planning to take them to a car boot sale with the rest of my stuff that's too heavy to sell on ebay. I'm also going to try soap making as I have all the ingredients so again won't cost me anything, everyone loves handmade so give it a go!

Step 6) Change where I shop: I'm not a food snob so I've changed from my usual Tescos and M&S to Iceland, Home Bargains and Poundland. The savings are amazing! A weekly shop at Tescos for me is around £60, I did a similar shop at Iceland and it cost £39! It's a bit of a pain going to 3 different shops but you quickly pick up where to go for items cheaper i.e cleaning products Poundland etc.

Step 7) D.I.Y beauty: I've already started this but I've still to find out more. Since I've started doing my nails at home I've saved a fortune! I used to spend £30 every 3 weeks on my nails!Don't get me wrong I'm not amazing at doing them but the more I practise the easier it will get.I'll share more with you guys as I find and test more out.

Step 8) Tips: As a hairdresser I get a lot of tips but wonder why I don't notice any difference in my purse. I think It's because I spend money on crap so It disappears. I'm going to buy one of those tin money boxes that you have to use a tin opener to get into, that way I'm not tempted to spend.Once it's full I'll open it and pay it to my bills, even if I use half of it to treat myself and the other the debt it's still money I wouldn't have normally put to it.

I'm determined to stick to this as best I can and I hope this helps you too, If you have any tips please leave a comment and we can all share our experiences!


X Hayley X

Monday, 9 January 2012

:: Clarks Shoe Review-Plantar Faciitis ::

For those for you out there who suffer from Plantar Faciitis, you'll know It's a complete nightmare.....It's even worse trying to find comfy shoes that look fashionable! :'(

I've been searching for months to find a pair that weren't ridiculously expensive that I would actually wear and then came across these......


Now, I know these aren't show stoppingly beautiful but my god are they comfy...
I can safely say these have been the first shoes that I've bought since suffering from Plantar Faciitis that I've been able to walk more than 15mins without yelping in pain. I have been wearing gel heel supports inside them but I wear them with all my shoes, but that said I always have to wear my orthotic insoles with them too.... with these I don't! Hurrah!

An added bonus to these shoes are the small 'bumps' on the sole. Clarks claim that they improve circulation and comfort and I have to agree.(Although I thought It was a whole load of hocus pocus at first!Lol!)
Honestly, I never thought I'd be able to wear a pair of dolly style shoes again due to the pain but I'm majorly impressed with these shoes!

Best part is they were in their sale for £24.99!!!!

If you'd like a pair click HERE....not sure how many are left!!!

X Hayley X

Sunday, 8 January 2012

:: Calm One,Clam All- Soap & Glory Review ::

Hey guys!
Time for an other review!

This time it's the turn of Soap and Glory's Calm One, Calm All bubble bath.


Soap and Glory claim that this bubble bath will smooth you as it soothes you. I have to admit I love the way Soap & Glory word everything on their packaging, a little cheesy but that makes me laugh...... I might have a simple sense of humour but I don't care. ;)

So does it work?

I used this stuff a few times now and you get oodles of bubbles and it smells fab! Really great for relaxing in; sometimes I find some bath products smell too over powering.

The only thing I wasn't too convinced on was it's smoothing claim. S&G state that this product has a built-in body lotion but honestly, I don't feel I felt any smoother than usual. Over all, this is a good product and I might buy it in the future but I wouldn't  go out of my way too..... actually prefer Radox which you can pick up in Poundland where as this product costs £5.11. Maybe it's just that I'm a tight arse he he!

Soap & Glory

X Hayley X

:: General Update ::

Well It's been a busy start to the year already!

I have quite a lot in store for this blog some of which is as follows....

1) Product review on more Soap & Glory products.

2) Clarks shoe review

3) D.I.Y body cream tutorial and review

4) Celga shopping service review

5) Diamond lash review along with Duo eyelash glue

6) Circle lens & Honey Colour review

7)Review for Anti-perspirant face powder

8) Review for detoxing foot pads

9) How to make your own soap

10) D.I.Y Acne/scar reducing tutorial and review

I'd love to know If there is anything you guys would like to see reviewed or D.I.Y-ed? I may not be able to do all requests but I'll try as best I can to! (^_^)/

Also, I'm planning to make some changes to the look of this blog, once again anything you would like to suggest would be greatly appreciated.

X Hayley X

:: Topshop Haul ::

Hey my sweets!

As you may know I'm starting to build on my GAL wardrobe and I'm particularly liking rokku(Japanese for rock) gal. Here's a few pictures to show you what I mean.......

gyaru-goth-punk-visual-style-1 group tumblr_kzzxb0VoUc1qa505to1_1280_large

I love how it's girlie but still has an edge!

I was a very lucky girl at Xmas and was given a Topshop voucher! So I thought I'd go in search of some rock inspired accessorises, here's what I found.........

Highland-20120108-01157 Highland-20120108-01158

Pretty neat! My favourite is the gold, spiky ear cuff! I also bought suspender look tights.

X Hayley X

:: Tesco Mattifying Moisturiser Review ::

So I've been looking for cheaper beauty alternatives for oily skin and came across Tesco's Mattifying Moisturiser......


At £1.34 it's a bargain but does it work?
For what your paying it's hard to expect too much from this product. When I applied it, it left a tight film on my skin and I found that when I applied my foundation the film started to raise and go 'bitty'. I did think that I'd maybe put too much on so tried again with a smaller amount but the outcome was the same......over all not a fan of this product. :(
Unfortunately, I can't even comment on how mattifying it is or isn't due to how messy it made my base make-up look!

X Hayley X

:: Nails, Nails, Nails!!! ::

Hi guys!

You may remember from a previous post that I had ordered some nail art, my boyfriend had bought me a gel nail kit for Xmas so I wanted to start up a collection!

It's amazing how cheap you can get nail art for on ebay!! I've ordered quite a lot and most of it is from overseas so I'm not expecting it to arrive quickly but here's what has arrived so far........

Highland-20120104-01144 Highland-20120104-01145 Highland-20120104-01149 Highland-20120104-01150 Highland-20120104-01151

I actually squealed when I opened the packages! It's all so cute!!!
I decided to have a try a gyaru nails.......


I've still kept the square shape to them as I'm worried about how I'll be able to work with them etc but If these last and don't get in the way, I might try the pointy shape next time! (Not too long of course!lol)
I'm still experimenting with different techniques as I found my last set didn't stay on for very long but with practise I can only get better. (^_~)

X Hayley X

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

:: Product Review=Pulp Friction ::

Hey guys!

As you may know from my earlier posts, I will be trying out products for a week as to give you guys a better review.
So we'll start off with my first one of 2012! :D <3

Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction!
Their foamy, fruity scrub is supposed to help you get fresher, smoother and softer skin with fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice™ and vitaminballs™ (A,C,E), and is scented with their new Fruitigo™ fragrance. 


Sounds good don't it?
But does it work???????? Well I've been using it twice everyday for a week and my skin does feel smoother! The texture of the scrub is amazing! The only way I can describe it is like adding a bath bomb to your favourite scrub, the fizzy feeling is ace!
The only thing I'm not sure on is weather its actually done any good for my acne prone skin?
What I mean by that Is when I used it on my face after a day or 2 I started getting really sore spots flaring up again :( But I re-read the instructions on the back and although It doesn't say not to use on your face It does mention that due to the skin on your face being more sensitive to avoid it. My bad! 
So just remember It Is a body scrub and avoid your face! He he!
That being said, It made me wonder...... If you had body acne would it irritate it further?? 
That I can't answer as it's only face acne I have but If you don't I'd definitely recommend this product!

Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction retails for about £7.

X Hayley X

:: New Year, new me ;) ::

Hey sweeties!

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year!

With It being the start of 2012 our thoughts turn to how to improve ourselves and our happiness..... If your anything like me, then in the past you've made ridiculous resolutions that(If your honest lol) your never going to keep so this year I've decided to make obtainable ones! (Unlike last year when I'd said I was going to go to the gym 5 days a week.......yeh right!Haha!)

So, with it being to 2012 I thought I'd think up 12 things I want to do/achieve by the end of the year.........

1) Start training to do hair extensions.

2) Get healthy ( Notice no mention of the gym! ;P )

3) Pay off my debts.

4) Continue to improve my GAL make-up.

5) Pass my driving test. (Been taking lessons for a few months now.)

6) Improve my gel nail technique.

7) Own a D.I.A belt. (LOOOOOOOOOOVE them!)

8) Continue to find useful D.I.Y beauty/crafts and honest product reviews for my readers.

9) Build up my GAL wardrobe (Only started so don't have enough to class myself as GAL.)

10) Make it too 200 followers!

11) Finally go on holiday! (I haven't been abroad for 12 years!)

12) Make a start on learning Japanese. (Me and Craig plan to go there at some point and we have been meaning to learn but If I'm honest he's been more motivated than me!Lol!)

I think these are all within reach and not too ambitious!
What targets or goals have you made and do you think they are achievable?

I'll keep you posted with how I get on! <3 <3

X Hayley X

:: How mental is this???!!! ::

Hey popettes!

Thought I'd share with you this amazing drawing!
It was drawn by a Facebook friend of mine of me! What do you all think?

The drawing.....


The original.......


What an amazing talent!
I have to say I prefer his version haha!!!

X Hayley X