Sunday, 8 January 2012

:: Calm One,Clam All- Soap & Glory Review ::

Hey guys!
Time for an other review!

This time it's the turn of Soap and Glory's Calm One, Calm All bubble bath.


Soap and Glory claim that this bubble bath will smooth you as it soothes you. I have to admit I love the way Soap & Glory word everything on their packaging, a little cheesy but that makes me laugh...... I might have a simple sense of humour but I don't care. ;)

So does it work?

I used this stuff a few times now and you get oodles of bubbles and it smells fab! Really great for relaxing in; sometimes I find some bath products smell too over powering.

The only thing I wasn't too convinced on was it's smoothing claim. S&G state that this product has a built-in body lotion but honestly, I don't feel I felt any smoother than usual. Over all, this is a good product and I might buy it in the future but I wouldn't  go out of my way too..... actually prefer Radox which you can pick up in Poundland where as this product costs £5.11. Maybe it's just that I'm a tight arse he he!

Soap & Glory

X Hayley X

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