Monday, 9 January 2012

:: Clarks Shoe Review-Plantar Faciitis ::

For those for you out there who suffer from Plantar Faciitis, you'll know It's a complete nightmare.....It's even worse trying to find comfy shoes that look fashionable! :'(

I've been searching for months to find a pair that weren't ridiculously expensive that I would actually wear and then came across these......


Now, I know these aren't show stoppingly beautiful but my god are they comfy...
I can safely say these have been the first shoes that I've bought since suffering from Plantar Faciitis that I've been able to walk more than 15mins without yelping in pain. I have been wearing gel heel supports inside them but I wear them with all my shoes, but that said I always have to wear my orthotic insoles with them too.... with these I don't! Hurrah!

An added bonus to these shoes are the small 'bumps' on the sole. Clarks claim that they improve circulation and comfort and I have to agree.(Although I thought It was a whole load of hocus pocus at first!Lol!)
Honestly, I never thought I'd be able to wear a pair of dolly style shoes again due to the pain but I'm majorly impressed with these shoes!

Best part is they were in their sale for £24.99!!!!

If you'd like a pair click HERE....not sure how many are left!!!

X Hayley X

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