Tuesday, 17 January 2012

:: Gyaru Foxtail ::

I'm in love with foxtails, it's official!!!!
I just don't think there is a cuter gyaru accessory..............

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If(like me) your an animal lover fear not there are fake versions that are cheaper and look just as good. I did have a wee bit of a nightmare finding fake ones and was quite upset by the sheer amount of real foxtails online.
I did however manage to find one!
Now, I know what you'll be thinking if you've read my earlier posts.......thought she was calming down on the shopping???
I actually bought this weeks ago from an ebay seller in China, so I have stuck to my word. (The best bit about ordering from Asian sellers is you forget you bought items, then weeks later it's a great surprise!)
With it being my first foxtail I thought I'd go for simple black and white so it will match everything.........


I don't have any co-ord pictures with it yet as I'm still waiting for more clothes etc that I ordered to arrive.(Yeh, I went pretty mental with the old shopping at Xmas!)
You won't believe this but this only cost 0.99 and £3.99 shipping!Bargain! :D

I suppose after this post you may be wondering what my thoughts on the whole fur subject is? Well it's a complicated view! I'm sure most of you will call me a hypocrite but  the only fur I'd be prepared to buy is vintage. Hear me out............ with vintage fur an animals life has been taken but that was when people didn't know any better, I don't agree with this carrying on in modern times, therefore I wouldn't buy items that had been recently commissioned.
Take from that what you will.

What's your view on fur?

X Hayley X

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