Monday, 16 January 2012

:: Hair Extensions Feeling Knackard? ::

Clip in extensions are a fab and cheap way to long locks but when was the last time you gave yours a bit of T.L.C?
Real human hair extensions go through a major chemical process before popping up in your local hairdressing supply shop; not to mention the styling we put them through daily, so why not give them a coconut treatment to help them back to life! :D

It's really simple and cheap, all you need is a plastic bowl(that won't melt and has a lid) and some coconut oil(you can pick this up in most health food shops)

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Put a good amount of coconut oil into your bowl(this will vary depending on how many extensions you use and how dry they are)

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Next pop the bowl onto a heater to melt for about 5-10mins......

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Until it looks like this.....

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Next pop in your hair extensions, push them down and roll them around in the oil until they feel coated. (Tip: My sure the clips are closed, it will help them stop them catching so much)

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Next take them out and using a wide toothed comb carefully comb from ends to the top to make sure the oil is soaking the whole way through. Then put them back into the tub, cover and leave them over night in a warm place....

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When you take them out the next day don't worry If they are hard as some of the coconut oil may have hardened again.
Now to wash them! I can't stress enough how important it is to really wash them thoroughly! I shampooed mine 4 times to make sure all the excess oil was gone. Then condition as normal and dry, and there you have it! Nice, soft extensions!
You can also also use the oil in your own hair, click HERE to see my tutorial.

X Hayley X


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