Tuesday, 24 January 2012

:: I'm still alive, promise! ::

Hello my sweets!

I know I have neglected you all but It has been crazy this past week.
I have so much to post soon but the posts aren't quite finished due to a few different reasons. You might remember me talking about the detoxing foot pads, anti-perspirent face powder etc .....I haven't forgotten just my camera has been playing up so lack of photos.

Fear not, my wee buddy Is on the mend at the 3 store so hopefully I can get those posts finished by the end of the week, HURRAH!

I am putting the feet detoxing pads through their paces as we speak.....after the crazy weekend I had I could use a detox. ;)

That's all for now(thought I better check in), I'll be back (hopefully)by the end of the week!

X Hayley X

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