Tuesday, 3 January 2012

:: New Year, new me ;) ::

Hey sweeties!

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year!

With It being the start of 2012 our thoughts turn to how to improve ourselves and our happiness..... If your anything like me, then in the past you've made ridiculous resolutions that(If your honest lol) your never going to keep so this year I've decided to make obtainable ones! (Unlike last year when I'd said I was going to go to the gym 5 days a week.......yeh right!Haha!)

So, with it being to 2012 I thought I'd think up 12 things I want to do/achieve by the end of the year.........

1) Start training to do hair extensions.

2) Get healthy ( Notice no mention of the gym! ;P )

3) Pay off my debts.

4) Continue to improve my GAL make-up.

5) Pass my driving test. (Been taking lessons for a few months now.)

6) Improve my gel nail technique.

7) Own a D.I.A belt. (LOOOOOOOOOOVE them!)

8) Continue to find useful D.I.Y beauty/crafts and honest product reviews for my readers.

9) Build up my GAL wardrobe (Only started so don't have enough to class myself as GAL.)

10) Make it too 200 followers!

11) Finally go on holiday! (I haven't been abroad for 12 years!)

12) Make a start on learning Japanese. (Me and Craig plan to go there at some point and we have been meaning to learn but If I'm honest he's been more motivated than me!Lol!)

I think these are all within reach and not too ambitious!
What targets or goals have you made and do you think they are achievable?

I'll keep you posted with how I get on! <3 <3

X Hayley X

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