Monday, 16 January 2012

:: Time for a purse detox ::

Well it's that time of year again when we are all up to our eyeballs in debt and/or skint, which isn't great if (like me)your a bit of a shopping addict. >_<

So today I'm getting my head out of the sand and facing up to it! Not the best experience of the year but I've decided I have to take control and sort out the situation instead of ignoring it as I always do until it's too late!
I'm sharing this with you all as I know I'm by no means the only one, and I think there isn't a lot of practical help out there. So what's my plan of action?


Step 1) Start saying no: We are all guilty of it! The invites for nights out, party's, holidays etc keep rolling in and before you've even thought about it you've said yes. I'm REALLY bad for this, in fact I said after New Year I was going to have a break......I've already been on 3 nights out and why? I instantly said yes without thinking and I wonder why I'm skint!lol I'm not saying say no to everything but at least have a think about it first, people aren't going to mind if you ask if you can get back to them....well if they are real mates they won't. (^_~)
Another option is going to their house with a bottle of vino for a catch up, much cheaper than heading into town!

Step 2) Ebay: Now, I know this is a hard one as I've just sold a whole bunch of my clothes on ebay and call me shallow If you wish but I found It heartbreaking! However, I took a step back as I ended up buying things with the money in my paypal *faceplam*  >_<
So hopefully I'll be more successful with the next lot I sell!Lol!

Step 3) Take the bus: I'm TERRIBLE for taking taxis to and from work when there's really no need, there's a perfectly good bus excuse! So if like me yo take taxis just for the sake of and extra 30mins in bed, time to set your alarm earlier.

Step 4) Taking lunch to work: I can spend about a fiver at lunch time each day! With that I could get a loaf, ham and some nice salad(just as an example) and have that for most of the week!To be honest I love cooking so making a bit extra at night to take in the next day shouldn't be a problem. (^_^)/

Step 5) Sell something your good at: I used to make brooches and sell them online but out of sheer laziness I haven't done it in ages! I still have all the materials so it won't cost a thing to do, I'm planning to take them to a car boot sale with the rest of my stuff that's too heavy to sell on ebay. I'm also going to try soap making as I have all the ingredients so again won't cost me anything, everyone loves handmade so give it a go!

Step 6) Change where I shop: I'm not a food snob so I've changed from my usual Tescos and M&S to Iceland, Home Bargains and Poundland. The savings are amazing! A weekly shop at Tescos for me is around £60, I did a similar shop at Iceland and it cost £39! It's a bit of a pain going to 3 different shops but you quickly pick up where to go for items cheaper i.e cleaning products Poundland etc.

Step 7) D.I.Y beauty: I've already started this but I've still to find out more. Since I've started doing my nails at home I've saved a fortune! I used to spend £30 every 3 weeks on my nails!Don't get me wrong I'm not amazing at doing them but the more I practise the easier it will get.I'll share more with you guys as I find and test more out.

Step 8) Tips: As a hairdresser I get a lot of tips but wonder why I don't notice any difference in my purse. I think It's because I spend money on crap so It disappears. I'm going to buy one of those tin money boxes that you have to use a tin opener to get into, that way I'm not tempted to spend.Once it's full I'll open it and pay it to my bills, even if I use half of it to treat myself and the other the debt it's still money I wouldn't have normally put to it.

I'm determined to stick to this as best I can and I hope this helps you too, If you have any tips please leave a comment and we can all share our experiences!


X Hayley X

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