Monday, 20 February 2012

:: Rihanna's $5K Nails ::

Now I love Rihanna but dude, seriously????
$5K on your nails!?
I'm all for spending your hard earned cash on whatever you like but $5K on this?........


I don't care if it's 24K gold, if I'd payed that for something I'd want to know I'd get the WOW factor. Personally, I couldn't tell the difference between this and a gold varnish from Poundland!!!
Think of what you could spend that type of cash on? We are all a little vain deep down (if we are honest) but for $5K you could get an awesome wardrobe, pay off the credit card bills, beauty treatments or even surgery if you wanted!
There's so much more you could get for that kind of money in the vanity department!

Sorry Rihanna but you've got the thumbs down from me, especially in the time of a recession!

What are your thoughts?

X Hayley X

Friday, 17 February 2012

:: Easy Peasy Nail Art ::

I'm a HUGE lover of gel nails but since I've been trying to do it at home my nails have become mega weak and brittle so I've decided to give them a break. One problem, plain nail varnish is boring as hell, right?
I've been playing about with different nail art techniques to try to jazz my nails up a bit and over the next few weeks I'll share the basics with you all so you can have a play around creating your own designs!

First up, stripes!
Unless you have you have the steady hand of a ninja, freehand stripes can end up a disaster!

What you'll need:
Sticky Tape
2 different coloured nail varnishes
Clear top coat


Paint your entire nail one of your chosen colours and allow to COMPLETELY dry. This is really important or the next step won't work properly!!!


Then, take a piece of sticky tape and cut it into fine strips,(size depends on how thick you want your stripes, I've gone for one thick strip) then place on your nails.

(Sorry about the picture quality, every time I used the flash you couldn't see the sticky tape!)

Once you have your tape placed where you want it, paint over it with your other varnish.......


Next peel the sticky tape off! Important: Don't let the varnish dry before you peel the tape off, do it as soon as you've painted the colour on! If not you won't get a nice straight edge!!!
Then leave to dry and apply your top coat!...........


......TA DA! Stripes made easy! The best part is it costs NOTHING! :D
Remember; you can have thinner ones, diagonal ones or you could even layer them to get a tartan effect!

Have fun! ;)

X Hayley X

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

:: Circle Lens Review-Barbie Big Size ::

I know this review is quite late but as I mentioned I've had problems with my phone! (Not a problem now I have a Fuji!)

Ok so these are the circle lenses that I ordered from HoneyColour, Candy Magic Barbie Big size in brown.......


Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.5 mm
Water content:  45%
Package:   1 contact lens case included

Now, to show you the size difference more accurately I've taken a picture WITHOUT make-up, due to the fact that my eye make-up is aimed at making my eyes look bigger.
This is the only time I have cursed how brilliant my camera is as EVERY open pour,blackhead and spot is as clear as day.......


Scary right?!
Now back to the lenses.......

You can clearly see the size difference here and the tones of the lenses work well with my own natural colour which I love! They are also mega comfy to wear and not too expensive(£16.25), here's a picture with make-up (not so scary! o_O)


I 100% will be buying from HoneyColor again, I'm in love with these.
Quick delivery, free lens case, high quality and reasonably priced!!! 5 Star!!! *****

X Hayley X

:: My Valentines Trip ::

I've actually been spoiled to death by Craig!!!
We had a fantastic time in Glasgow although the train journey felt like it went on forever but I managed to amuse myself......

                                  (Luckily my spot went down a lot)

 (It's never a good idea to fall asleep around me, especially when you've just bought me a new camera!)

                                          (Our uber healthy dinner!)

We got into Glasgow about 10:30pm which would have been a problem if we were in Inverness but they don't have a curfew in Glasgow which is handy! ;)
We had planned to go for dinner but we ended up just going for drinks instead, here's the two of us before we went out.......

(Bloody hell, I look like Gonzo from the Muppets with that huge hooter!!!)

(Couldn't resist trying out the panorama setting on my camera, I'm addicted!!!!)

The next day we went shopping....... shock, horror so predicable!lol
It was ace fun as Craig was shopping for clothes which he doesn't normally enjoy; he got a pair of teal chinos and a pastel checked shirt.(I was quite impressed that he chose such trendy stuff!)
Craig treated me to a few bits and bobs too.........

          (Bargain of the day was the Topshop earring, only £1.50!!!)

Yeh, as you can tell I'm kind of obsessed with grey.   o_O

I really wanted to find a really quirky fashion shop in Glasgow but all I could find were Goth/Emo shops which was disappointing, if you travel all that way it's nice to come back with something you know no one will have to show off. To be honest I wasn't THAT bothered, we came across this vintage American sweet shop......

                         (Holy mother of lolly!!!)


Sorry about the picture quality of these last two pictures, they were taken on my Blackberry as I didn't want to take my new Fuji with me. No disrespect to Glaswegians but there's a lot of dodgy looking people going about the city center, we actually had some guy ask if he could live with us.....weird.
What's your thoughts on Glasgow?

X Hayley X

Monday, 13 February 2012


Haven't entered my ace giveaway yet? YOU MAD?? lol

If you want more info and to enter click HERE, please read the rules!!!
If you want me to continue giveaways and make them bigger and better, spread the word! The more feedback they get the more I'll do! <3

Here's my last giveaway winner, Sharon McCabe, with her prize.............


X Hayley X

:: Valentines Prep!! ::

Well it's official, I'm truly the luckiest biatch right now!

Not only has Craig booked a trip down to Glasgow tonight for Valentines Day but he bought me a Finepix S4000!!!! o_O
WTF?! Is he feeling ok??? lol

It's funny we've been together 5 years this summer and we have NEVER been on a trip away just the two of us....can you believe it?!
I'm not gona lie, I'm actually mega excited! I feel like a school kid going on a first date!

So, what ALWAYS happens when I've got an event etc?............ The mother of all spots rears it's head on my chin so big it resembles a blow to the face! (If you've ever had one of these beauties you'll know my exaggeration isn't that far off!) So yeh, majorly fucked off!
Hopefully the age old 'toothpaste treatment' will be my savior, although I look like a low flying pigeon has shit on my face, it's the only thing I know that dries out spots quickly.

So what about the outfit? Well I'm totally torn. I'm going to go for a more girly look rather than the rock vibe I've got going with my usual outfits but I just can't decide between these two dresses!!! ARGH!

                            ( Much better picture quality isn't it? :D )

The one on the right is super cute but I've worn it before. The one of the left is cute and shows a bit of cleavage too but is that a bit to much for dinner? Hmmmmmmmm, what to do!?

There's only one thing I can be sure of and that's hair and make-up. I'm going to keep my make-up simple with a few sparkles, pink, lashes and of course my circle lenses!
Now that my hair has got longer I'm going big!!! Lot's of backcombing and maybe a few soft curls for that 'romantic' look. ;)

I'll post about or trip later this week and now I have a fabby camera I'll be snapping away!

What are you planning for Valentines Day? Spending it with a partner or having a girly night with friends??

X Hayley X

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

:: It's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! ::

It's been awhile so I thought it was about time for another giveaway!

You may remember the one I had last year for a brand new handbag (Won by the lovely Sharon McCabe!) Well I've decided to top that by giving away not only a new handbag but also a Hello Kitty hot water bottle/pyjama cover!



Pretty awesome huh? :P
So, how can you get your paws on these??? Simple!

All you have to do is follow my blog publicly and comment on this post saying why you should win!
Closing date is 8th April 2012. Please don't comment anonymously, any that do will be disqualified! (Sorry but it means I can't get in touch with you if you win!)

Good luck and I can't wait to read your entries! <3

X Hayley X

Monday, 6 February 2012

:: Nail Wraps, yae or nae?? ::

Any of you tried nail wraps?

If like me you've seen them advertised everywhere, your bound to be wondering if they are actually any good...time to find out!

I bought a silver set from Home Bargains for £1.....


Basically, you peel them off, cut them to size, stick them on, file the edges and paint with a clear varnish......easy enough? Well it was a bit fiddly and one of my big toes started to ripple at the edge but all-in-all not bad for a quid, I'd have to see how long they last to see if I'd actually buy them again but I think I'll stick to polish......much easier(I'm far too lazy lol!)



What's your thoughts on nail wraps???

X Hayley X

:: Jean Paul Gaultier, Amy Winehouse tribute ::

Did anyone check out Jean Paul Gaultier's collection at Paris Couture week??

Well basically his muse for his collection was the late Amy Winehouse so you can imagine lots of big hair and eyeliner were the order of the day!

I love couture fashion and Gautltier is right up there with the big boys of fashion but I've got to say WTF???
I don't get Amy from any of these pictures! Honestly, can you imagine her wearing anything like this??? I know she's wore 50's style prom dresses but the whole pink and girly thing doesn't seem right, she was more grungy.


The collection as a whole is beautiful but not Winehouse in my opinion, I only came across one that is.....


I've also read that her father Mitch wasn't happy about the collection and hadn't been consulted. I have to disagree with Mitch, I understand that she was his daughter but LOADS of designers use dead celebs as their muse and the family don't go mental about it. If anything it should be a reminder of how much of an impact she had on the world when she was alive!

What are your thoughts?

X Hayley X