Monday, 6 February 2012

:: Jean Paul Gaultier, Amy Winehouse tribute ::

Did anyone check out Jean Paul Gaultier's collection at Paris Couture week??

Well basically his muse for his collection was the late Amy Winehouse so you can imagine lots of big hair and eyeliner were the order of the day!

I love couture fashion and Gautltier is right up there with the big boys of fashion but I've got to say WTF???
I don't get Amy from any of these pictures! Honestly, can you imagine her wearing anything like this??? I know she's wore 50's style prom dresses but the whole pink and girly thing doesn't seem right, she was more grungy.


The collection as a whole is beautiful but not Winehouse in my opinion, I only came across one that is.....


I've also read that her father Mitch wasn't happy about the collection and hadn't been consulted. I have to disagree with Mitch, I understand that she was his daughter but LOADS of designers use dead celebs as their muse and the family don't go mental about it. If anything it should be a reminder of how much of an impact she had on the world when she was alive!

What are your thoughts?

X Hayley X

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