Wednesday, 15 February 2012

:: My Valentines Trip ::

I've actually been spoiled to death by Craig!!!
We had a fantastic time in Glasgow although the train journey felt like it went on forever but I managed to amuse myself......

                                  (Luckily my spot went down a lot)

 (It's never a good idea to fall asleep around me, especially when you've just bought me a new camera!)

                                          (Our uber healthy dinner!)

We got into Glasgow about 10:30pm which would have been a problem if we were in Inverness but they don't have a curfew in Glasgow which is handy! ;)
We had planned to go for dinner but we ended up just going for drinks instead, here's the two of us before we went out.......

(Bloody hell, I look like Gonzo from the Muppets with that huge hooter!!!)

(Couldn't resist trying out the panorama setting on my camera, I'm addicted!!!!)

The next day we went shopping....... shock, horror so predicable!lol
It was ace fun as Craig was shopping for clothes which he doesn't normally enjoy; he got a pair of teal chinos and a pastel checked shirt.(I was quite impressed that he chose such trendy stuff!)
Craig treated me to a few bits and bobs too.........

          (Bargain of the day was the Topshop earring, only £1.50!!!)

Yeh, as you can tell I'm kind of obsessed with grey.   o_O

I really wanted to find a really quirky fashion shop in Glasgow but all I could find were Goth/Emo shops which was disappointing, if you travel all that way it's nice to come back with something you know no one will have to show off. To be honest I wasn't THAT bothered, we came across this vintage American sweet shop......

                         (Holy mother of lolly!!!)


Sorry about the picture quality of these last two pictures, they were taken on my Blackberry as I didn't want to take my new Fuji with me. No disrespect to Glaswegians but there's a lot of dodgy looking people going about the city center, we actually had some guy ask if he could live with us.....weird.
What's your thoughts on Glasgow?

X Hayley X


  1. LMFAO! You come from Inverness and you think Glasgow's dodgy!

  2. Did I say Glasgow was dodgy? Maybe you should re-read what I actually wrote. Insult Inverness all you like but I'd like to make 2 points.... 1) I'm not from Inverness and 2) You are the one throwing around the insults under anon.