Monday, 6 February 2012

:: Nail Wraps, yae or nae?? ::

Any of you tried nail wraps?

If like me you've seen them advertised everywhere, your bound to be wondering if they are actually any good...time to find out!

I bought a silver set from Home Bargains for £1.....


Basically, you peel them off, cut them to size, stick them on, file the edges and paint with a clear varnish......easy enough? Well it was a bit fiddly and one of my big toes started to ripple at the edge but all-in-all not bad for a quid, I'd have to see how long they last to see if I'd actually buy them again but I think I'll stick to polish......much easier(I'm far too lazy lol!)



What's your thoughts on nail wraps???

X Hayley X


  1. My Friend sent me a couple sets from America.
    They look easy enough to use/apply - I am just too lazy too.

    1. What colours did you get?
      Yeh I think they would be good once you get the hang of them but I think polish is the way to go! Haha!