Monday, 13 February 2012

:: Valentines Prep!! ::

Well it's official, I'm truly the luckiest biatch right now!

Not only has Craig booked a trip down to Glasgow tonight for Valentines Day but he bought me a Finepix S4000!!!! o_O
WTF?! Is he feeling ok??? lol

It's funny we've been together 5 years this summer and we have NEVER been on a trip away just the two of us....can you believe it?!
I'm not gona lie, I'm actually mega excited! I feel like a school kid going on a first date!

So, what ALWAYS happens when I've got an event etc?............ The mother of all spots rears it's head on my chin so big it resembles a blow to the face! (If you've ever had one of these beauties you'll know my exaggeration isn't that far off!) So yeh, majorly fucked off!
Hopefully the age old 'toothpaste treatment' will be my savior, although I look like a low flying pigeon has shit on my face, it's the only thing I know that dries out spots quickly.

So what about the outfit? Well I'm totally torn. I'm going to go for a more girly look rather than the rock vibe I've got going with my usual outfits but I just can't decide between these two dresses!!! ARGH!

                            ( Much better picture quality isn't it? :D )

The one on the right is super cute but I've worn it before. The one of the left is cute and shows a bit of cleavage too but is that a bit to much for dinner? Hmmmmmmmm, what to do!?

There's only one thing I can be sure of and that's hair and make-up. I'm going to keep my make-up simple with a few sparkles, pink, lashes and of course my circle lenses!
Now that my hair has got longer I'm going big!!! Lot's of backcombing and maybe a few soft curls for that 'romantic' look. ;)

I'll post about or trip later this week and now I have a fabby camera I'll be snapping away!

What are you planning for Valentines Day? Spending it with a partner or having a girly night with friends??

X Hayley X

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