Tuesday, 27 March 2012

:: My nose, photo shoot and smoking ::

In a bit of a crap mood if I'm honest guys!
I've been trying to quit smoking for about a month now and I keep fucking up so I've decided it's time to seek professional help.

I've been on and off smoking for about 5-6 years and I hate it!!!!
You might ask why I actually started in the first place? Well, like a lot of people I know, I was a social smoker at first........ I can't actually remember the first cigarette that I had but I was partying, as you can imagine I was pretty dam hammered and like a total idiot would have been offered one and took it.
It amazes me how quickly I became a full time smoker and at the time I couldn't have cared about the effect it has on your health nor your teeth etc if I'm completely honest.

So, what has given me the kick up the arse to get it sorted? My nose.
Ok so your probably thinking WTF but let me explain.......... I've always had problems breathing ever since I can remember, I went to the doctors when I was quite a bit younger(this was waaaaaaaaay before I started smoking btw) only to be told I had allergies.
Ever had that gut feeling that you know what's wrong? I did but didn't question my doctor, heck I was only like 13 at the time, you trust your doctor!

It's been nearly 12 years since that appointment and if anything my breathing has got worse, no doubt smoking has contributed to this but I had the same gut feeling as I did all those years ago.....the shape was the problem!
Surely it wasn't a coincidence that both my mum and my gran(who I've inherited my misshapen hooter from) had/have the same problem as me? I think not!!!!
Although I've hated the shape of my nose for what feels like forever, I've always laughed it off and poked fun at it before anyone else could!
I always remember my first day of high school, one of the guys asked me how I'd broken my nose. Awkward.
I did feel bad for him when I had to explain that that was just my nose!!!!! O_o

Anyway, getting back to the doctors..............
I knew I had to be strong and put forward the idea that it COULD be the shape that was the problem. Guess who was right the whole bloody time! Yup, I've got a deviated septum!
For those of you that aren't familiar with the term, basically it's when your nose is crooked thus obstructing your breathing. Only way to sort it? Nose job!
Now I've never actually had any kind of surgery before but my doctor has a condition before she'll recomend me to a specialist. Stop smoking.
You know what, fair play! Why should they fix my nose when they can't be 100% sure that it isn't the smoking that's causing it? I know I've had it all my life but the amount of people that lie to get cosmetic surgery on the NHS is crazy, how do they know I'm not lying?
I'm determined to prove that it isn't the smoking so I'll go along with it. Who knows? They might give me the nose I've dreamt of! ;)

In other news I'm having a mission of a time trying to pick my ONE picture for Destination Fame, I've managed to get it down to the two below. Please bare in mind these pictures have not gone to editing yet!!!



Is soooooooooooooooooo difficult!!!  (>_<)
I love both images but how to you choose?
I'm kinda swaying towards the first but I'm not sure if the judges will approve of her tattoo?
The weird thing is I think the tattoo adds a little edge to the picture, what do you guys think?

             X Bokusouchi X

Monday, 26 March 2012

:: Destination Fame 2012 ::

Happy Monday ya'll!!!!

I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I've been working on my Destination Fame entry for this year. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's a competition set up by Matrix professional (the brand of colour I use in the salon) and is opened up for entry each year to all stylists using Matrix products.
It used to be the case that you had to submit just a head shot, a lifestyle shot of your look and a small description of why you feel this is on trend for that year. As of last year they have changed it to before and after shots which I think is WAAAAAAAY better!
It means that you can show off your abilities much better. :)

So I've been working on this years entry for about a month now and really wanted to push out the boat!
Changing red to blonde...... risky I know but I didn't want to play it safe. I'm really lucky as my friend Suzanne is always up for anything!!! Here's how she looked before......

(She looks knackard here!She's a support worker and had come from a sleep over....what a legend eh?)

We had to bleach the colour out which I knew was going to be difficult but like I said Suzanne wasn't bothered with how it turned out.
She's actually got really strong hair so we got away with bleaching it twice without there being any damage! Her hair was still really warm though so I toned it with a warm blonde and booked her back in for a months time to get it redone.
I wanted to give her hair a rest before we tried again, here's how it looked when she left.....


Still a lot of warmth as you can see but it helped that I cut a shit load of it off. A month later I got her back in to re-bleach her hair and redo the cut.......

             (LOL Dave and Lisa look so serious in the background!!)

 I was mega chuffed at how blonde we got it! It was still a tad warm so I toned it with a violet toner and sent her way with some violet shampoo.(Helps to clean out any yellow tones in the hair)

And so to the day of the shoot!!!
I was nervous as hell!!! 
You never know how your work is going to look until you see the pictures, I have actually done shoots in the past that I thought had gone fine, got the pictures back and fucking hated them! It's so frustrating when that happens but I was prepared! ;)
I'd taken my laptop so we could upload the pictures throughout the shoot and see if there was anything me and Dave weren't happy with....it was super helpful!


(Suzanne having her make-up done by the wonderful Adele! How awesome is her tattoo by the way?)

(Me working on Suzanne's hair....notice that product she has in her hands??? I'll be posting about that soon.)


              (Suzanne waiting to get in front of the camera!)

The shoot couldn't have gone better! My only problem is deciding what picture to choose, I have the rare luxury of actually liking them all and loving quite a few! ARRRRGGGG! I've never been so mad at something so great hahahahaha! ;)

Everyone that we worked with was fantastic! 
Adele was great at giving us suggestions on the make-up that we wouldn't have thought of originally and was a pleasure to work with. 
Allan(the photographer) was great too, very open to suggestions and a perfectionist! I've found, in the past, some photographers VERY difficult to work with but Allan was great!
Dave's model Willam was a great laugh and his pictures look great too, he was really natural in front of the camera as was Suzanne.

Dave and I are going to have our work cut out for us for sure! o_O

What happens next you might be wondering?
Once we have chosen our pictures, we then send them to Matrix along with our description. 
Matrix then post our work on their website and open up an online vote. I believe that the 2 or 3 entries that get the most votes are automatically through to the finalist stage so I might have to be cheeky and ask you guys to vote which would be a great support! <3 ;)

Well I better get to it, those photos aren't going to choose themselves are they? Lol!

What did you think of Suzanne's transformation?

                       X Bokusouchi X


Saturday, 24 March 2012

:: Hair Extension News ::

Looky, looky what I've got.............


Oh yeeeeeeaaaaaaah!!!!
So chuffed I've done the first part of my training! As it says on the certificate, I still have to do 5 full heads before I get my full certificate but I'm on my way! ;)

So how was the course?
First day was a HUGE amount of theory which sounds dead boring but Julia encouraged us (there were me and two other girls, Jennifer and Sarah) to bring any of our own/ friends etc hair extension stories up that were relevant so although it was a lot of info, I think discussing it casually actually helped it sink in!
Julia had everything sorted for us from consultation check sheets to client disclaimer forms! All the paperwork is pretty much done for us.

Day two was practical, the three of us trying out the technique.
Julia wanted to make sure that we understand the method completely, we took it in turns to do a few rows each while Julia watched. I was incredibly nervous when it was my turn but Julia put me at ease and guided me through it. I have to say it was pretty amazing finishing the first row and looking back at what I'd done! The start of the row was kinda messy but by the end of it it was a lot neater.....I was stunned! In all fairness Julia did say that would happen but when your trying something out like this for the first time all you can think is "How the fuck am I going to do this???"

It was really interesting getting to know both the girls on the course too. Sarah, like me is a hairdresser so as you can imagine there was LOTS of hair talk! I think subconsciously you think because your a hairdresser you'll take to it better but I think we were both amazed at how different extensions can be to what we do day to day!
Jennifer hasn't done hairdressing but Julia hasn't either she passes her clients on to a hairdresser. Both girls are lovely and we are keeping in touch! We've decided to get our hair extensions done by each other, I'm actually really excited to get them done for the first time!!!

As soon as I got home I ordered my kit, which really isn't that pricey. The only thing I had to decide was what supplier I was going for and order my colour wheel, it was about £45 but well worth it! Check out the colours!!!!


What a selection right?!
After the course I set about looking for my 5 case study heads and was so impressed that I had all booked within half an hour! Sweet!
I have to take before and after pictures of the 5 and send them to Julia so she can make sure I'm doing it right. If she feels I am then I'll get my full certificate!

I'll let you all know how I get on!

X Bokusouchi X

P.S. There's not long till my giveaway is over so if you'd like to enter click HERE! Remember, if you want me to do bigger and better giveaways I need to know that there's interest so spread the word! <3

P.P.S. If you'd like to check out Julia's blog click HERE

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

:: Drunken antics ::

Hey popettes!
Thought I'd share a video of my sister's flat warming, thought it was hilarious how long they posed thinking it was a picture I was taking. Enjoy!

X Bokusouchi X

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

:: Jeepers it's been busy! ::

Well my sweets it's been hectic!
Sorry for my lack of posting but my camera cable has decided to abandon me, thank god for media cards is all I can say.  O_o

So where shall I start?

You may have read in earlier posts that I've been gagging to do hair extensions for what feels like forever and it looked like it was going ahead until Julia got in touch to say she was stopping training. Gutted was not the word.
For those of you that don't know, Julia has JUM hair extensions in Glasgow and to say the woman is talented is a major bloody understatement!!

                            (P.S. How stunning is Julia?????!!!)

I totally didn't know what to do!
I was too scared to look elsewhere. I wanted to be trained by one of the best in the business and I wasn't taking anything less but she's crazy busy and I totally understood.
Que me majorly feeling sorry for myself!!!! Haha!

Then the amazing happened!
She PMed me on Facebook to say she was coming to Inverness and could fit me in...............


That's right bitches I'm going to be a hair extensionist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Insert crazy happy dance here*
I've actually not been this happy about work EVER and I love my job, I can't wait for this Sunday to get started!!! (Yeah think I'm sad if you want but I consider myself goddam lucky to be one of the few that has an awesome job.)

On another note the weather has been so much better here, so I've been out for walks with the camera. Inverness is one of the most beautiful places I've lived, see for yourself!





I did take loads more but picked the ones I thought were best. (If not this post would NEVER bloody end!!!) You wouldn't think Inverness was a city right?

And lastly, it wouldn't be me if there wasn't a party happening!
My best friend has been back from Australia for months now and we've both been so busy we haven't had a catch up.....until now! ;)

                                       (Me and Kayleigh my bestie!)

         (Me, Amber and Kayleigh creeping in the background lol!)

                  (Kayleigh and me again, slightly hammered!)

It was Kayleigh's 21st the Monday after so we decided to hit town and celebrate! Safe to say neither of us remember much but from what I do it was ace!!!!

I'd tried out a new product in my hair for backcombing, I'll try to fit in a tutorial for it at some point cause I think you guys will love it as much as I did.

How was your weekend? What's every ones thoughts on hair extensions?

X Bokusouchi X

:: Make your own fab body lotion ::

Want fab smooth skin without the price tag? Of course you do!! ;)

I've found this tutorial for body lotion online and tried it out for myself. Thought I'd share as I.LOVE.IT.  (^_^)/

What you'll need:

1) Unrefined solid coconut oil (you can get this online or in a health food shop)
2) 1 ounce of beeswax (it normally comes in 1 ounce bars, I got 2 for £1 on ebay)
3) An essential oil of your choice (I went for sweet orange)
4) A medium sized pan
5) A sterilised pot/jar (I sterilised an old mayo jar)
6) Something to mix it with that you can throw away, like an old chopstick etc. If you don't have that use the handle of a mental spoon/fork etc.


Boil your kettle. While your waiting, pop your beeswax into the jar and top it up with coconut oil, like so.............


Once your kettle has boiled pour the hot water into your pan and put the jar in. You want the water to be roughly half way up the jar. Make sure you put the ingredients into the jar before you put it into the pan, if not your jar will tip.
Put the heat on to about medium.


Keep it on the heat until it completely melts.
It will go a funny yellow colour but don't worry that's supposed to happen!
Then take it out (watch your fingers, it's going to be hot!), it should look like this.....


Now time to give it a stir and add your oil! You'll only need a few drops, trust me. (I went a bit O.T.T with the first batch i made) o_O
Then leave it over night to cool......


.......and that's you done!TA DA!
If you find that it's a bit too hard you can melt it down using the same method and add more coconut oil, too soft beeswax.

I loved this body lotion but prefer it as a night time one as it's a bit heavier than the ones I'm used too. I've found it's an AMAZING overnight foot treatment too, just load it on and pop some socks on. You'll wake up with baby soft tootsies!

Will you be trying this lotion out?

X Bokusouchi X

Sunday, 4 March 2012

:: Party time ::

 My sister got her new flat! YAY for Charlie!
What better way to christen the flat than a party! (And a great time to use my camera too!)
I would have had an other party to blog about as well but I got a sickness bug so missed my friends leaving do, gutted to have missed it.

So as you can imagine there was A LOT of drinking going on! My sister had got shots galore on the go so here are probably the only suitable pictures I can share! ;)

(Excuse the state of me here, I had come straight from work and was probably covered in other people's hair. Yuck I know but being there on time was more important than my vanity!)

      The gang! Minus me and Dave who was sitting beside me.
(Yeah, I can't get enough of this setting on my camera if you hadn't noticed yet lol)

                                  Me and Charlie quite hammered!

We had an amazing night!
I had work the next day so had to leave early to sleep it off but these crazy dogs carried on well into the next day. I kept getting texts trying to get me to leave work and come join them.......bastards! ;P
Safe to say Charlie was in no fit state to make it to Ashligh's Ann Summers, which was a shame, we had crazy fun! (As I'm sure you girls all will know about!)
Bought some 'interesting' things. ;)

How was your weekend shenanigans?

X Hayley X

:: Paint Ball ::

So I've been pretty busy this past wee while!

It was Simon's birthday (Craig's friend) so we were all invited to go......wait for it......... paint balling.
Now, not exactly my thing but as it was his birthday I thought I'd give it a go; hell, I might even enjoy it!
The outfit was, well..... less than desirable but I thought it was a laugh! ;D

                                       (Us all ready to get started!)

                                             (Me shitting myself!!)

It was great fun but fuck did it hurt!!!!
To be honest I was really lucky for most of the day until...........................


OUCH! Right in the bloody leg! I actually fell on the ground it was that sore!
Does look that bad? Here's how it looked 2 days after.......


Yeah fucking sore.
So verdict on paint ball? Totally awesome fun if :

1) You like physical pain
2) Love C.O.D so much but aren't hardcore enough to join the army
3) Have a lot of pent up rage you need to get rid of

Don't get me wrong we had great banter but I'm just too much of a girl for paint ball! I'd maybe try laser tag or something! Ha ha!

Have you guys ever played paint ball? Thoughts?

x Hayley x